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Mr. Justin Ungeheuer



Hello and welcome to Monfort Elementary School! I am very fortunate to have the privilege of serving as your principal at the best elementary school in the world! If there is anything that I can ever do to make things better for our students, staff, parents, or community, please feel free to send an email, give me a call or stop by to see me. 


Our vision at Monfort Elementary School is to support each student's ownership of learning by allowing students to develop their ability to reflect on their learning, develop their own learning path, understand their learning progression, and set their own learning targets. 


Our students are striving daily to show "On TRACK" behavior. T = Trustworthy, R = Respectful, A = Achieving, C = Cooperative, and K = Kindness. 


We believe that every adult in our Monfort family follow 5 key characteristics that are crucial to a healthy culture and climate at our school. We call these characteristics "The Monfort Way."


1. Relentless positivity

2. Continuous collaboration

3. Openness to change and new learning

4. Strong and trusting relationships between all stakeholders

5. Student-first thinking with high expectations for all learners


We believe that students deserve personalized/differentiated instruction throughout their learning experience at Monfort. For students to own their learning, we are constantly striving to ensure that students receive tight feedback loops on their learning progression, apply their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through quality student-to-student interactions, and receive instruction that is targeted to their learning level, style, and interests. 


If I have not had a chance to meet you, I look forward to meeting you soon. If we have met before, I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. 


Thank you!


Justin Ungeheuer