• Mr. Jakus

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    Phone:   (970) 348-5484
    Room: B009

    2023-24 First Semester Schedule

    1st     Intermediate Algebra
    2nd    Geometry
    3rd     Plan
    4th     Plan
    5th     Geometry
    6th     Geometry
    7th     Geometry
    8th     Geometry

             Intermediate Algebra Syllabus                                    Geometry Syllabus

                         English                                                                                                                   English

    Something About Me

    This year begins my 8th and last year as a Spartan and my 22nd year teaching.  Before teaching I worked in construction for about 6 years and before that in church ministry for 11 years.   My courses for 2023-2024 will be Geometry and Intermediate Algegra.
    I was born in Los Angeles, California, then moved to Wisconsin when I was eleven, and then to Colorado 28 years ago.  My wife and I have two married children and four grandkids.  They all live in the area which is why my wife and I moved to Greeley 8 years ago.
    In my free time I like to sit and play my guitar.