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Annette Schneider

Language Arts

Room 505

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Phone - 970-348-5492


Background Information

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  This is my sixth year at Greeley West, and it is my fifteenth year teaching.  I graduated from Duquesne University in 2006.  I spent most of my time volunteering and tutoring when I was a student, which led me to become a teacher. I spent nine years at my last district before moving to Colorado for family.  



Duquesne University - B.S. in Education and English

Masters in Curriculum and Assessment (ongoing)


Availability for Student Help

I am always willing to help students.  This year, we will more than likely have to schedule time to meet virtually if it is outside of class time.  However, you are able to contact me through e-mail,, or through remind, please check the course syllabus in order to sign up.  My e-mail and remind go directly to my phone, and I typically do not respond to messages after 10 p.m. unless I know there is an ongoing issue.



Schedule with the room number and subject

Quarter 1 - August - October

1st - 505 - English 10

2nd - 505 - English 10

3rd - 505 - English 10 Plan time

4th -  505 - English 10

Quarter 2 - October - December

1st - 505 - Prep

2nd - 505-AP Language and Composition

3rd - 505 - AP Language and Composition

4th - 505 - English 10




English 10 Course Syllabus

English 10 - In person calendar - Tentative

English 10 - Online calendar - Tentative - This is for 4th period during quarter 1.  

AP Language and Composition course syllabus

AP Language and Composition - Tentative outline of quarter 2

If you are reviewing these items prior to school, please feel free to contact me with questions.