• College Application Day will be held Tuesday, November 15 in the library and library lab.


    To help prepare you for this day, the below information will be helpful.  Remember, you can always make an appointment with your counselor for more assistance.
    1. Decide which school you would like to apply to.  This could be your first choice school or your back up school if you have already applied before this day.

    2. Is this school a good match for you?  Use the index score chart using your GPA and ACT score to see if you meet the basic requirement for admission.  Note: this is NOT the only requirement for admission to most schools.  You will also want to make sure this particular school offers the degree program you wish to participate in

    3. Check out Family Connection and search the particular school you are interested in applying for.  What will you need to complete the application?  Personal statement, essay topics, letters of recommendation, etc…

    4. Complete the residency questions.  Make sure to bring with you, personal information such as social security number, parents identification information, etc…

    5. Other helpful documents: In State College RequirementsTips for ApplicationsDefinition of Terms