About the Teacher



Degrees and Certifications:

Mike Pearson

Classes Taught: 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade robotics. 6th and 7th-grade Industrial Arts, and 8th-grade materials processing


Hello. my name is Mike Pearson, and this is my fourth year at Heath. I started at Heath teaching 7th-grade social studies, second year I taught 8th-grade American history and last year I taught AVID and Industrial Arts. This year I will teach robotics and Industrial Arts. I graduated from Pittsburg State University with a degree in Automotive technology / Construction Management degree. I completed my Masters in History at the University of Northern Colorado. I was a first generational college student who had no clue how to navigate the college experience. I hope to bring my personal experiences into the classroom to help my students gain the skills necessary to become successful in college and career technical secondary learning. 7th-grade material processes class will focus on safety and basic woodworking design and build techniques. The 8th industrial arts class will have the same focus but take it a bit further. They will work with community organizations in northern Colorado to design and build projects that benefit the organizations and their mission. Both classes are designed as project-based learning classes. After school, I am the assistant coach for 7th-grade football and during the winter, I coach 7th-grade boys basketball.


My personal life in the words of Bob Weir, it has been a long strange trip as my undergraduate degree had an emphasis in Construction Management. I worked for 13 years in many different positions in the construction industry focused on heavy highway projects. Projects I worked on included the I-15 Corridor expansion for the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, The Northwest Parkway Project in north Denver and the TREX project which expanded I-25 through the heart of Denver. I also worked as a truck driver for three years while I went back to school to become a teacher. After I finished driving, I became a trainer for adult truck drivers and became a State of Colorado certified commercial driver license tester. During the weekends, I continue to train and test people to drive tractor-trailers.  


At home, I am married with two younger daughters and we live in the heart of Greeley. When I am not teaching, I love to travel and to be in the outdoors participating in many different activities. Those include whitewater kayaking, skiing, hiking, camping and most of all, sailing!!!! I will warn you now - do not ask me about sailing unless you have a lot of time to spare.

I cannot wait for the new year to begin. I know this year is going to be awesome because "Heath is the place to be."