• Our mission is to prepare students to choose the life they want.


    Personalized Learning … a Vision

    At Scott Elementary we tailor learning to each individual's strengths, needs and interests. Learners of all ages have "voice and choice" in determining what, how, when and where the learning occurs.  Teachers and administrators provide the flexibility and support to ensure mastery of the highest standard possible. All truly means all.  


    Personalized Learning … a Set of Values

    At Scott Elementary we value, welcome, and inspire students and our community to make a positive and lasting impact both personally and academically. We help students excel in their unique ways and build lifelong learners and leaders who possess integrity and determination. We believe in creating a safe learning community through positive relationships and an environment where students feel confident because their voices matter.


    Personalized Learning … a Roadmap

    Focus on Rigorous Tier 1 Instruction for All (all learners deserve the “good stuff”)

    • Establish a guaranteed and viable curriculum (Proficiency Scales and Learning Targets)
    • Utilize a Blended Learning Model
    • Leverage Co-Teaching

    Develop the Social and Emotional Well Being of Our Entire School Community

    • Build a strong student and staff culture
    • Seek to build enduring relationships with students and their families

    Family Engagement 

    • Involve families in key decisions that affect the school
    • Create opportunities to connect families to the school

    Commitment to the Support and Development of Faculty and Staff 

    • Provide frequent Observation and Feedback Cycles
    • Establish a robust Mentor/Mentee Program for new staff
    • Learn, practice and implement high leverage instructional strategies