Greeley West Mission & Vision Statement

  • Greeley West High School aims to educate, empower, and inspire students for their future as a participating citizen of our global society. 

    Spartan Pride

    • Purpose
    • Relationships
    • Involvement
    • Determination
    • Excellence


    We know what goals we want to achieve and strive to reach them every day.

    What is your why?



    We believe in the power of principled, aligned relationships.

    What do you do to build relationships?



    We believe in the motto, "All for One, One for All, All for West!" 

    What can you do to improve yourself, your school, and your community? 



    Resiliency and grit give the resolve to turn failures into learning opportunities. 

    What have you overcome on your journey?



    Greeley West strives to be the best in all that they do. 

    How do you challenge yourself in order to achieve success?