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Patricia Muro

Classes Taught 2020-21 School year  Go SPARTANS!

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Years 1 & 2

Spanish 4/Heritage 1

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"Sé amable siempre que se pueda.  SIEMPRE se puede"  14 Dalai Lama


Soy la Profesora Muro.  Me siento muy contenta de compartir el amor a mi lengua nativa y a mi cultura con mis alumnos.  Soy nacida en el gran estado de Sonora, México.  ¡Arriba México! Radiqué en la frontera de Mexcali Baja California/Calexico, Calfornia hasta hace 4 años que nos venimos a vivir a Colorado.   Estudié Español y Antropología en la Universidad de California Irvine.  También obtuve una maestría en la Administración Escolar.  En casa vivimos mi marido, Chucho, mis hijas Anna-Claire y Anna-Sophia y nuestra mascota "El Metiche."  Me encanta la música, la comida y el cine internacional.  Mi destino predilecto es la playa.  


Espero poder brindarles muchas oportunidades para desarollar sus habilidades en Español.  Prepárense para escribir, leer y hacer presentaciones.  ¡Los espero, a tiempo el jueves, 15 de agosto! 

 Course Descriptions

Spanish 4

Heritage 1

 IB/DP 1 & 2


Course Description IB/DP Program


The primary aim of the IB Programme is to encourage students to gain competence in the Spanish language, with the long-term goal of balanced bilingualism. At the same time aims to encourage in the student a respect for and understanding of the Spanish language and culture.  Each unit of this course will include at least one of the following areas of interaction:


Approaches to Learning (ATL) –Aims to help students understand how they learn, know and communicate their understanding.


Community and Service – Students learn responsible citizenship and deepen their understanding on our global community.


Human Ingenuity – Learn to appreciate and develop in themselves the human capacity to create, transform, enjoy and improve the quality of life.


Environments – Aims to develop students’ awareness of their independence with the environment so they understand and accept their responsibilities.


Health and Social Education – Aims to develop in students a sense of responsibility for their own well-being and for their physical and social environment.


Course Standards

Standard 1- Communication in language other than English

Standard 2- Knowledge and understanding of other cultures

Standard 3- Connections with other disciplines and information acquisition

Standard 4- Comparison to develop insight into the nature of language and culture



Oral communication – Understand, interpret and respond to a range of spoken tests

Communicate information, ideas and opinions in familiar and unfamiliar situations

Visual interpretation – Construct meaning from information presented in visual texts

Reading comprehension – Understand and interpret specific information, ideas, opinions and     attitudes presented in written texts.

Writing – Communicate, request, use and understand appropriate register in formal and informal written communications.


Text book- IB Spanish B


 All classes:

Primary Methods of Instruction

Proficiency-based including- teacher presentations, oral and listening activities, readings in the target language, TPR (Total Physical Response) techniques, individual, pair and group activities and “realia” connected to the Spanish-speaking world.


Grading procedure and point scale-


Assessments= 25%     Homework- 15%    Informal Assessments 10%    Final= 10%  Participation 20%  Notebook 10 %


Grading Scale-


A= 90-100%            B= 80-89%        C=70-79%      D=60-69%    F= 59 and below




Tests and quizzes can be made up on excused absences only. The student has one week to make   up any quizzes or tests. For example- If you missed a test given on Monday, you will need to make it up by the following Monday by 3:30 pm. It is the responsibility of the student to see the teacher to take the test. Test must be finished when taken. 



It may be written, oral, listening, or a study assignment.