• When does the current session run?

    • This session of the robotics club runs from September 26 - November 21st. The club meets each Tuesday from 3:10pm - 4:00pm.


    How will being part of the robotics club help my child?

    • Students are naturally curious. STEM clubs around our district and around Colorado have started to gain popularity because they help students think critically about problem solving, collaboration, communication, and presentation. Students will gain the confidence to make mistakes, persevere and adjust their own hypotheses so that they can have successful machines. 


    Do I have to pay a fee? 

    • There is a $25.00 activities fee payable on Meeker's website. 


    What does that fee pay for?

    • At this time, the activities fee pays for some of the initial cost of the program including buying batteries and replacement parts as needed. Eventually, it will go to purchase additional robotics sets so we can expand the program. 


    Do I have to pick my student up from school?

    • Yes, you will need to arrange transportation for your child to be picked up at 4:00pm on Tuesdays. 


    Can I see what my child will make?

    • Yes! We will have a STEM open house as we get closer to the end of our session so that the students can present their projects. 


    The Robotics Club is new, how did it come to Meeker?

    • Last year, a fourth grade teacher applied to the Success Foundation for a 21st Century grant that would allow Meeker to buy Lego simple machine sets to start a STEM club. The teacher was granted $2,500 to start a robotics club at Meeker. Without that grant and the support from the Success Foundation, none of this would be possible. Help support the Success Foundation by participating in their Ride4Success community event on September 30th. The Success Foundation works to support District 6 teachers, students and schools only. 


    Will the Robotics Club ever be open to other grade levels?

    • Our goal is that the Robotics Club could eventually open up to third through fifth graders at Meeker. 

Contact Information

Permission Slips

  • Robotics Club permission slips went home to all fourth and fifth grade students on Friday, September 15th. You can download an extra copy here: Robotics Club Permission Slip