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    For more information on understanding giftedness, identification, and web sites for parents, educators, and students, visit our Gifted and Talented section on the district web page.

  • Advanced Learning Plans Now Online

    Click to find out more about how to fill yours out online!

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  • Happify YouTube Playlist

    Lots of good videos to help with stress, happiness, etc.

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  • 6th/7th grade GT students respond to "Why You Need to Fail"

    Is failure a bad thing?

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  • Legislative Day at the State Capitol

    Do you have a passion for politics?

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  • Thirty-six Chappelow students reach their NaNoWriMo writing goals!

    Chappelow students write over 120,000 words in November as part of competition

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  • Middle School GT Gratitude Project

    Who makes you feel grateful?

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  • Coping with Stress

    Allison Edwards: Square Breathing, Change the Channel, etc.

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  • Check out these prodigies on YouTube

    Kids who are turning heads--take a look!

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  • Young Chautauqua Begins

    Come join us on Thursdays!

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  • Lara Widger and Chappelow friends featured in Greeley Tribune

    See how Lara and her friends are helping the hungry in Greeley

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