Weld County School District #6 provides a “no-cut” policy for all middle school athletics. This means that all students may participate in athletics providing they MAINTAIN THE STANDARDS of the District #6 athletic participation policy. Student athletes are expected to maintain appropriate sportsmanship and behavior both on and off the field.
Athletic Participation

Participants must be registered students in District #6, Charter or Christian schools in either
6th, 7th or 8th grade.

Participants must meet academic eligibility standards set by District #6.
· Attend a minimum of half of their classes the day of competition.
· Participate in 10 practices prior to competition.
· Maintain at least a 60% in 7 of 8 classes and Advisement/Homeroom.
· Athletes with TWO F’s may not participate in any competitions for that week.
Athletes with ONE F are placed on a warning list.
· Demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship, language, self-control and behavior on and off the field.
· Any student receiving a major disciplinary infraction in which they receive ISS shall be ineligible from competition for the following week. If a student receives OSS they will be off the team for the remainder of the season.
Participants must have current physical exam by a certified doctor.
Participants and Parents must read/understand and sign a Co-Curricular Participation Rules.