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  • Hello and welcome to the Winograd Athletic page! Please feel free to check out what we offer along the left-hand side. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Breese at bbreese@greeleyschools.org or 970-348-2618. Please use the rSchool registration link to the left to get your student athlete registered. 


    Participants must have sports physical each year. An exam is good for 365 days. Once your exam is completed, you can turn it into your school. 


  • Participants must be registered students in District 6, Charter or Christian schools in either 6th, 7th or 8th grade. 


    Participants must meet academic eligibility standards set by District 6:

    • Attend a minimum of half of their classes the day of competition. 
    • Participate in 10 practices prior to competition.
    • Athletes with two F's may not participate in any competitions for that week. 
    • Athletes with one F are placed on a warning list. 
    • Demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship, language, self-control and behavior on and off the field. 
    • Any student receiving a major disciplinary infraction in which they receive ISS shall be ineligible from competition for the following week. If a student receives OSS, they will be off the team for the remainder of the season. 
    • Participants must have a current physical exam by a certified doctor.
  • Playing sports is about much more than learning the physical skills of the game and winning championships. For students, playing sports is about having fun, building lifelong friendships, preparing to take on future challenges, learning how to be a good teammate, and simply enjoying the game. 


    So how can we as parents and coaches show up and support the student-athletes in our lives, regardless of performance or the outcome of the game? We sat down with high school students and asked them - why they play, how they feel about parental pressure, and what kind of support they need before, during and after the game. 


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