Mill Levy Spending Plan Overview

  • Recap of Mill Levy Override Election

    • November 2017: Voters approved 10 mill Mill Levy Override for Greeley-Evans School District 6 by a vote of 59.18% for and 40.81% against. This will raise approximately $14 million annually for seven years
    • December 2017: Board of Education certified the new mill levy for District 6
    • January 2018: District 6 began receiving revenue from Mill Levy Override



2018-2019 Priorities and Spending Plan

  • Click HERE to download a printable version of the District's 2018-2019 Spending Plan


    STUDENT 2018-2019 Safety and Security

    • Roof repairs and other deferred maintenance - currently waiting for the completion of the Facility Master Plan Update to prioritize repairs and most needed maintenance

    • Install security cameras at Brentwood, Franklin, Heath and Prairie Heights middle schools and Jefferson Junior High School. Improve phones and communication radios district-wide

    • Continue to install and update locking systems at all District 6 buildings and updating badges for employees

    • Implement visitor and volunteer management system through Raptor Technologies

    • Phase in Raptor Technologies Crisis Management System
    • Install improved communications equipment including phones and radios at all District 6 buildings
    • Continue to work to reinstate transportation at the elementary level; as of August 2018 about two-thirds of elementary routes have been restored. It will take about nine more drivers to reinstate the remaining routes. Transportation is working on enhanced driver recruitment efforts.

    2017-2018 Safety and Security

    • Install security cameras at Northridge, Greeley West, Greeley Central and Jefferson high schools

    • Roof repairs prioritized by urgency

    • Automatic locking systems at all sites; badging system for staff

    • Improve phones and communication radios district-wide

    • Snow removal equipment to replace failing plows

    • Begin work to reinstate transportation at elementary level



    2018-2019 Supporting Student Achievement;  Work Force and College PreparednessContinue providing summer school and afterschool programs for students at all levels

    • Create an enrichment pilot summer program for the summer of 2019

    • Expand concurrent enrollment with Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado
    • Support elementary and K-8 schools that are implementing AVID Program (Advancing Via Individual Determination); Centennial, Dos Rios, Jackson, Madison, McAuliffe, Monfort, Shawsheen, and Winograd.
    • Planning phase for Advanced Manufacturing career pathway at Greeley Central High School


    2017-2018 Supporting Academic/Vocational programs; graduate college and career-ready students

    • Expand summer and after-school programs for elementary and K-8 students

    • Expand summer school programs for secondary students, begin Saturday school

    • Increase concurrent enrollment with Aims and UNC for high school students

    • Create a position for Business and Community Partnership Administrator

    • Implement AVID at elementary schools




    2018-2019 Providing Up-to-Date Instructional Materials and Technology

    • Continue identifying sites for total technology replacement for student and staff devices based on the learning needs at each building and the age of current devices

    2017-2018 Updating learning materials and technology

    • Implement 5-year replacement cycle for technology infrastructure

    • Replace technology devices at schools; implement 5-year replacement cycle

    • Initiate the replacement of outdated secondary language arts and mathematics curriculum


    Maintenance 2018-2019 Attracting and Maintaining a Competitive Workforce

    • Hourly, classified employees received a pay increase in January 2018, moving them closer to the market base salary.
    • In July, 2018, another increase was given to targeted hourly employee groups with a large number of unfilled positions, including school bus drivers, substitute teachers, information technology technicians, building manager, bilingual interpreters and others.


    2018-2019 Charter School

    • Every charter school in District 6 gets a monthly allocation of dollars based on their student count.