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  •      Welcome to Monfort's Gifted/Talented Program page! My name is Danae Rosso and I am the Gifted Education Specialist for Monfort Elementary.  Below are some helpful FAQs along with a link that will take you directly to our district GT Program website. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at

    1) How are students referred for possible GT testing?

                -Students may be referred to the school's GT Facilitator by their teachers, parents, peers, or even by themselves. If you would like to refer your child for further testing, simply contact me with your child's name, grade, classroom teacher, and area(s) of strength you feel your child demonstrates. I will follow up with a permission form that will allow me to administer cognitive tests to your child.

    2) What is the process for GT identification?

               - Once a child is referred to the GT Facilitator, parents will be sent home a permission slip that will allow the GT Facilitator to administer further tests. These will often include a battery of tests that will be administered online and will look at how a child processes information verbally, quantitatively, and nonverbally. Those results will be communicated to the parents after the testing has been completed.

    3) What are the requirements for a student to be identified for the GT program?

               - The state of Colorado requires three pieces of data, each scoring in the 95th percentile or above: A cognitive test score (as described above), a behavioral rating score (this is a survey given to classroom teachers and/or parents that examines typical gifted characteristics), and academic achievement data. (This can include state test scores as well as school benchmark scores in the areas of reading and/or math).

    4) What happens when a child meets the criteria for gifted identification?

             - Once the criteria as described above is met, the student is tagged in our district GT roster and the GT Facilitator will send home a permission slip that will give the school permission to provide services to that student. These services often include meeting with groups of other GT students for advanced coursework provided by the GT Facilitator. Additionally, the GT Facilitator will write an Advanced Learning Plan in conjunction with the parents', classroom teachers' and student's input. This plan will be updated each year and will follow the child through 12th grade.

    5) What happens if my child does not qualify for the GT program?

              - A student whose test scores don't yet meet the requirements will be placed on our Watch List so that future test scores will be monitored and updated. A student who meets some of the criteria could be placed in the Talent Pool and might receive some services from the GT Specialist but will not have an Advanced Learning Plan written for him/her.

    6) Where can I go for more information?

             - You are welcome to contact me directly at Additionally, you may go to District 6's GT website: