Mr. Robert Sencenbaugh

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Mr. Robert Sencenbaugh

Robert Sencenbaugh

Grade 5th


Hello, my name is Robert Sencenbaugh or, as the students call me, Mr. Sence.  I am a 2004 graduate of Colorado State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Political Science.  I have spent ten years working in education starting with working as a 5th grade teacher and 7th grade Texas History teacher in Dallas, Texas.  I have also taught 5th grade here in Colorado and was most recently the STEM Coordinator at Walt Clark Middle School in Loveland, Colorado.


I am very excited to be joining the Meeker family this year and I look forward to bringing my experience in Design Thinking to our students and doing everything I can to help our students strive for academic excellence.  I am very proud and lucky to be working with a such a great team of teachers in the 5th grade.  Becky, Laurel, Jessica and I have spent the summer getting to know one another, planning together and focusing our efforts on this class of 2026. 


It is my plan to be sending out homework packets every Thursday after school along with any other correspondence.  These packets will be due the following week and will contain review work of the previous weeks.  I intend for homework to accomplish two things.  One is to reinforce learning and two is to create good habits that they can carry with them to middle school and beyond.  The second thing I will be sending out with the homework is a reading log.  I would like for students to average thirty (30) minutes a night reading for the week.  I would like to ask that parents ask the students a few questions about what they read.  Have them be able to explain the reading with several details and then initial the log.  This will go a long way to help our students increase their comprehension skills.  Skills that will serve them well beyond their years in college.  I would also strongly encourage that as a parent you read with your students, have fun with them, reading should not be a chore but an experience and an opportunity to travel to places we have never been.


Over the course of the year I will be updating calendars and providing various resources, so I encourage you to return to this page as we journey through the school year.  I look forward to being a part of the Meeker family and our community and making the class of 2026’s final year in elementary one to remember. If you have any other questions or just feel like touching base please feel free to contact me.  I welcome your emails and phone calls and will make every effort to get back to you just as soon as I can.