• The GAP was created to fulfill a need in the Greeley-Evans community.  That need was to provide an alternative opportunity to students who would not  graduate from a traditional high school on time due to being behind on credits.  Most of the program at GAP is self-paced; students may go as fast as they are capable.  Students who want to complete a course in 5 or 6 weeks can do so with concerted effort and a willingness to do homework. 


    The learning environment at GAP is quiet and business-like.  Successful students are those who have made graduation one of their highest priorities; they have great attendance and keep up an excellent pace with their classroom studies and homework. Our passion at GAP is to know each student personally, to build mutually respectful relationships, and to assist each student on their journey to graduation.  For more information, please call or come in and visit.




    Dave Shaffer

    GAP Principal