Family Science & Nature Workshops (FISH)

  • Spend the Morning with Family Learning Hands-on Science

    Upcoming Event:

    Free family nature class held the last Saturday of each month at Poudre Learning Center, generally 9:00am-12:00pm


    What it’s about:

    Families getting together, spending quality time with one another, learning science through nature.


    What Workshops are Like:

    • A leading professional in an area of science or nature will guide a  hands-on workshop.
    • All types of students are invited, so expect to meet someone your age! From 5 - 65 years old!
    • Few hours of hands-on learning, where you spend more time having fun and exploring together as a family.


    Workshop topics:

    • Fly Fishing
    • Nature Photography
    • Amphibians and the Environment
    • Science Fair Projects For the Whole Family.
    • Backyard Naturalist
    • Mother-daughter science.
    • Family Camping.
    • And More!


    Leading Teachers & Professionals

    To elaborate lessons and concepts, host teachers have hand-picked leading naturalists, artists and scientists to engage students and have fun!

  • FISH Workshops