GWHS Instructional Framework

  • Environment

    Teachers create a supportive, student-centered classroom through a focus on relationships and effective lesson planning. 



    Students engage with inquiry questions aligned to grade level standards with exemplar answers to clarify learning goals in each lesson. 


    Rigor and Engagement

    Students engage in a minimum of three unique AVID WICOR or IB approaches to learning (ATL) activities in each lesson to increase rigor and engagement.



    Teachers monitor student work throughout each activity to assess understanding, provide feedback, and allow for corrections. 



    Students take an active role in learning in each lesson through processing, summarizing, and reflecting. 

Components of an Effective Lesson

  • Introduction

    • Inquiry question aligned to grade level expectations
    • Agenda
    • Academic Vocabulary



    • AVID WICOR Activities/IB approaches to learning
    • 10/2 Model
    • Scaffolds and differentiated instruction



    • Summary/Answer the essential question
    • Metacognative activities

Instructional Framework Diagrams

  • GWHS Instructional Framework Diagram