About the Teacher



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Eryn Lasica

Special Education Teacher- 7th grade


My name is Eryn Lasica and I am the 7th grade special education teacher. I have been teaching for about three years and have experience in elementary and middle school. I recently moved to Colorado from Arizona in May so this is my first year at Heath. I have loved getting to know the students and they have been so kind with giving recommendations of their favorite places to visit and eat in the local area!

Classes Taught: 

I teach and support students with a wide range of needs inside the general education classroom and outside the general education classroom. On White and Black days, I teach an Advisory class and Core X class. Advisory is a class that students attend at the beginning of every school day. This class serves as a home base for students where we work on a wide variety of skills that include, but are not limited to, communication, listening, social, organization, goal setting, etc.

Core X is a class that students attend at the end of every day. This class serves the purpose of being a "double dose". This time is spent on working with students in areas of need and focuses on best practices to further support the student. Students are given the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have about the content they learned that day or homework questions. 

On Black Days, I co-teach with language arts (Mrs. Dambreville) and I co-teach with math (Mr. Loos). On White Days, I co-teach with math (Mr. Gunn) and I co-teach with language arts (Mr. Aurzada). Co-teaching is a powerful tool where both teachers focus on a single group of students while sharing instructional responsibilities to provide content and support for all students. 


I am available before and after school so please do not hesitate to schedule a time to meet if you have anything you would like to discuss. Thank you for all your support with your students at home! My email is elasica@greeleyschools.org