Mrs. Warnock’s 3rd Grade Classroom

     The student's are working hard to accomplish their goals.

    In Math students are finishing up learning how to find the area of a space.  Next we move into fractions. Students will develop an understanding of fractions. 

    We are currently working on opinion writing and how to move from a well written paragraph to multiple paragraphs. 

    In reading we are learning how to find the main idea and how to summarize what we are reading.

    Please keep having your student read every night at home and summarize what they read. 

    In Social Studies we are currently learning about how a communities culture makes it unique. 

    Each student brings a unique gift which makes our class so special. I am so lucky to be part of their education experience. 

    Thank you to our parents who continue to offer support at home. 


     Please feel free to contact me with questions and concerns. 



    Jennifer Warnock