Miss Mildred Jessee

Phone: 970-348-2049


Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Mildred Jessee

Miss Jessee is a graduate of Colorado Christian University and is in her third year of classroom teaching.  She has been involved in childcare and education for over two decades and is passionate about teaching the children, heart, mind, and soul.  Outside of school, Miss Jessee enjoys creative arts including fiber arts (knitting, crocheting, etc.), painting, and music.  She lovingly cares for her dog, and spends time with close friends.

  • Homework Policy

    Each week in your child's Friday folder there will be a homework packet that is due the following Friday.  Weekly homework includes a reading log, 1-2 pages of math practice on the current content, and math fluency practice.  Each student is expected to read 20min five nights per week with a parent signature for those reading times.  Packets are collected on Fridays and count as the homework completion grade for math and reading content areas.

  • Classroom Expectations

    At Meeker Elementary School, students are expected to follow two key routines in the classrooms and as we transit from one location to another.  In the classroom we use the acronym STAR, which stands for Sit up, Track the speaker, Attention, and Respect those around you.  In transition from location to location we use the acronym HALLS: Hands by our sides, All eyes forward, Lips zipped, Legs walking safely, and Stick together.  HALLS and STAR are known by all students and practiced regularly so that we all know what is expected and we are always respectful of our learning community.

    Throughout the day, students are engaged in a number of different learning activities.  With our blended learning culture, students will often use technology as part of their learning experience.  It is a district requirement for all students to use headphones whenever they are using a chromebook or computer for independent learning times.  Commonly used learning programs include Lexia and ST Math, which can be accessed at home using the link on our school website.

    All classwork and homework must be completed in pencil with the exception of writing time.  Students are expected to use #2 wooden pencils, and mechanical pencils will not be allowed during classwork times.  During writing time, students are encouraged to use the writing implement of their choice.  This is to develop personal writing choices and writers who enjoy the writing process.