Centennial's 44 best spellers compete in our 8th Annual Spelling Bee!




    Left to right: 3rd Place: José Marquez Benitez, Asst. Principal: Kendra Mueller, 2nd Place: Elizabeth Htoo,

    1st Place: Nurazimah Mohamad Nasim



    What an amazing Bee!

    Forty-four of Centennial's top spellers bravely competed in a stressful situation, and gave it their best effort. The bee went twenty-four tough rounds.

    Here are the results- Our younger students held their own even though the 5th graders were in the top two spots at the end.

    Here are the results- 

    1st Place: Nurazimah Mohamad Nasim - 5th grade

    2nd Place: Elizabeth Htoo - 5th grade

    3rd Place: José Marquez Benitez- 4th grade

    4th Place: (Tied) : Fabian Monge Uribe, Elena Martinez Loya, Cale Yoho, Royal Bamako Mapila, Lawranec Win, Emraan Mohamed

    5th Place (Tied): Khalid Hussein, Isaac Perez, Gabriela Lewis, Ester Pae, Trenton Thomas, Alex Munoz Castillo, Haris Mohamed, Henry Jacobucci

    Please congratulate every student who participated for their courageousness and effort, and for being wonderful role models.

    Special thanks to all 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers, Sarah, Cruz, Jackie, Dr. McDowell, Ms. Mueller, Chris, Marc, Jessica, Kristen, and everyone else who helped in any way- for all your help pulling this event off without a hitch.

    It was outstanding, thanks to YOU and our students!