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     Description of Math Program

    Our math program here at GAP is individualized for each student.  A typical math class consists of students working in self-paced Math classes ranging from Foundational Math to Algebra II, with all students attaining basic and comprehensive skills necessary to achieve a high school diploma. Teachers in math classes circulate the room, lending assistance to each student in his/her individual field of study.  It is our goal here at GAP for students to leave us with basic number sense and comprehensive “real-world” math skills.



    Daryn Arnold

    Michael Chandler

    Jennifer Wampler



    Foundational Math (S1 & S2)

    Pre-Algebra (S1 & S2)

    Algebra I (S1 & S2)

    Intermediate Algebra (S1 & S2)

    Algebra II (S1 & S2)

    Geometry (S1 & S2)