• Dear McAuliffe Families, 


    Thank you for supporting your student(s) through distance learning time.  We hope you are all healthy and safe.  As we wrap up the 2019-2020 school year, if you’d like to still order a Silver Falcon Yearbook, there is still time left!  Yearbooks are $25.00.  Simply click on the “Order Your Yearbook Today!” link below.    You will then be directed to enter the city, state, and McAuliffe STEM Academy.  You will then see a “Shop my School” button.  From there input your child’s first name and last name, then use the drop down menu to select their grade and teacher. Order Your Yearbook Today! 

    Many of you have asked about returning school property, including but not limited to: chromebooks and their charging cables, library books, Box Tops, textbooks, and sports uniforms and/or picking up your child’s belongings including their 2019-2020 report card.  If you have been saving Box Tops, we’d love to collect those from you! If your child submitted money for class pictures this year, that envelope has been placed with your child’s belongings.  Unfortunately, the delivery of yearbooks have been delayed due to COVID-19.  We appreciate your patience and will let you know as soon as we can about their delivery.   

    You will be able to drop off and pick up materials starting on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  Each classroom has a designated time slot to arrive at school.  If you have more than one child attending McAuliffe, you can arrive at school at your designated time or with your youngest student’s designated time.  For example, if you have a 7th grader and 1st grader attending, you may choose to come during the 1st grade time or the 7th grade time. 

    Please follow the these safety precautions:

    • If you are returning school property - please bag these items along with a label with your student’s name and place them in your trunk (if you are able to pop your trunk from inside your vehicle) 
    • Please ensure all passengers are wearing a mask or face cover while on school premises
    • Write your student’s name, teacher, and grade on a piece of paper in large letters so it can be seen through the car window
    • Our staff members will be wearing masks and gloves
    • DO NOT get out of your car - pop your trunk or roll a window down and we will grab the bag of school property
    • We will place your student’s belongings, including their report card, into your trunk and close the trunk door.  


    Please enter off 51st Avenue and come through our drop off / pick up area at your designated day/time (see the schedule below).  There will be two stops for you to make if you are dropping off school supplies and picking up student materials.  The first stop is to drop off school property - when pulling to the drop off zone, if possible, please pop your trunk and we will grab your student’s labeled bag from there.  If you are unable to pop your trunk from inside your vehicle, please hand the bag to the nearest school employee through the car window.  Please DO NOT get out of your vehicle.  You will be asked to pull forward, please make sure that we can see your sign and we will deposit your student’s belongings, including anything in their desk and/or medications that were at the school, in your trunk and close it.   

    In order to maintain blended learning either in person or virtually, it is critically important to return borrowed school property. If your student’s device is not returned or is returned with inoperable damage a $200 fee will be assessed. Minor damage will be assessed separately. Replacement devices deployed to students during virtual learning due to not functional laptops will not be assessed a fee.

    For the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, watch our website and Facebook for supply lists.  Class lists for next year, will be published by Monday, August 3rd.  Please continue to be patient as we are working with our district and the Weld County Health Department to ensure that student, staff, and family safety remains our top priority.  


    We hope you have a safe and relaxing summer break!  Please watch your emails, our website, and Facebook page over the summer for more information about the fall.   



    Mr. Petersen, Principal


    Tuesday, May 26


    8:00-8:30am   Halsey

    8:30-9:15am   Dressler & Stuerke  

    9:15-9:45am   Nield

    9:45-10:15am   Meyer

    1st grade

    10:15-10:45am  Picon

    10:45-11:15am  Sparkman

    11:15-11:45am  Ranous

    11:45-12:15pm  Rutz

    2nd grade

    1:00-1:30pm Grant

    1:30-2:00pm Fulton

    2:00-2:30pm Lee

    2:30-3:00pm Plantt

    3rd grade

    3:00-3:30pm   J. Anderson

    3:30-4:00pm Huwa

    4:00-4:30pm   K.Anderson

    Wednesday, May 27

    4th grade

    8:00-8:30am   Liddiard

    8:30-9:00am Moauro

    9:00-9:30am   Goding

    9:30-10:00am Alison

    5th grade

    10:00-10:30am Rafferty

    10:30-11:00am McNair

    11:00-11:30am Starkey

    11:30-12:00pm Menard

    6th grade

    1:00-1:20pm Lamour

    1:20-1:40pm Pilgrim

    1:40-2:00pm Slee

    2:00-2:20pm B. Thompson

    7th grade

    2:20-2:40pm Omoto

    2:40-3:00pm Wimler

    3:00-3:20pm Niccoli

    3:20-3:40pm R. Thompson

    8th grade

    3:20-3:40pm Fierro

    3:40-4:00pm Gaspers

    4:00-4:20pm Mawlawi

    Thursday, May 28

    8:00-12:00pm - Anyone who missed their original time slot