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    Parent Handbook



    FIRST BELL: 7:45 A.M.

    TARDY BELL: 7:50 A.M.

    DISMISSAL:  3:10 P.M.



    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome back to Madison Elementary!  We hope your families are staying safe and healthy, and are eager for the school year to begin!

    My name is Steve Isenhour and I am proud to serve your children as principal of Madison. This year we will continue and build upon the great tradition Madison Elementary is known for, an Inclusive and Safe School.

    Madison has incredibly intelligent scholars, great teachers and great parents. We are on our way to being one of the best schools in all of the Greeley-Evans School District!  Our focus is scholars will become outstanding participants in society and have the ability to choose their path of career or college when leaving high school.

    It is essential that you, as parents and guardians, hold your child(ren) accountable for their behaviors and academics when they are home. We expect scholars to complete their homework, especially reading and math, every day. We are also making a concerted effort for improved student behavior so we strengthen our culture and climate and everyone feels safe and able to learn.  Along with these, the Madison Elementary School community recognizes the unique characteristics of each child and believes that:

    • Learning is an exciting, life-long, hands-on endeavor at all levels of instruction
    • All learners excel when they are rigorously challenged to master basic skills while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills which are critical for future success.
    • The development of good character and community stewardship is essential to develop local, national, and global citizenship in our students.
    • Responsibility, effective oral and written communication, and independence are crucial for success.
    • While providing a caring and respectful environment, the school is committed to instilling in each scholar a desire to learn, take appropriate risks, and accept challenges.

    Your assistance and involvement is vital for us to truly have a consistent campus of learning.  We, like you, expect scholars to demonstrate respectful and safe behavior at all times. Our scholars will learn a consistent message and expectation utilized throughout our campus.  We will expect the same type of consistency from home.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 970-348-1700. We count on you to do that!



    Steve Isenhour, Principal

    Cameron Shinn, Assistant Principal


    Madison Parent Handbook 2020-21


    Letter from the Principal

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    Table of Contents

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    Section 1 Welcome to Our School

    Madison Vision/Mission/Core

    Madison Beliefs

    Staff List


    Madison Parent Engagement Opportunities

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    Section 2 Madison Procedures


    Inclement Weather Procedures


    On School Grounds


    Parking Lot and Student Drop-Off Student


    Student Check-Out


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    Section 3 Madison Expectations


    Use of School and Cell Phones Home / School Communication


    Dress Code and School Uniforms


    Student Calendar


    Homework Expectations



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    Section 4 Attendance, Safety, and Student’s Social Emotional Learning


    Attendance Policy and Expectations


    Positive Behavior Intervention Support


    New Social Emotional Curriculum


    Anti-Bullying Curriculum


    Discipline Process at Madison


    Items Not Allowed At

    Recess and Playground Expectations


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    Section 5 District Information and Policies


    Expectations for Riding the Bus


    Lunchroom Information


        Student Use of Technology


    Student Email


    Exclusions from School




    Parent Handbook Addendum

    Fall 2020 (COVID-19 supports)



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    Section 1: Welcome to Our School


    Madison Elementary School


    Our Mission:

    Our mission is to inspire our 21st Century Learners to pursue their unlimited potential and fulfill their dreams.

    Our Vision:

    By creating a safe learning environment centered around scholars, directed by teachers, and supported by home and community, our scholars will become independent learners with the desires, skills, and abilities necessary for college and career.


    Our Core Beliefs






    We will give our best, celebrate our successes and where we fall short in order to recognize the process: if we aren’t struggling, we aren’t learning. We do this because we believe in each other.

    We believe in ourselves and what we can achieve. If we aren’t struggling, we aren’t learning. When life gets hard, we will work harder. We will celebrate mistakes as an opportunity to learn.


    We are professionals who treat each other with kindness and respect. We recognize successes and celebrate where we have failed in order to learn more each day.

    We treat everyone with kindness and respect. We create a classroom community that supports and encourages each other. How we treat each other, matters.


    We understand that life will give us hard choices, and we have a choice to do the right thing because it is important to serve as models to kids and adults.

    We must do the right thing when people are watching or not. How we treat others with respect is the foundation for our relationships.


    We embrace the individual uniqueness of our school community as this diversity enriches the educational experience for all.

    We all have a right to feel safe and included at school. We show respect to others and celebrate our differences.


    We don’t judge others by “how we were raised” and we don’t impose our value systems on others. Instead, we listen to understand and learn.

    We acknowledge what others have gone through, and we ask how we can help. We listen to understand and find common ground.




    Staff Directory


    Staff Member


    Staff Member


    Steven Isenhour


    Ben Yeargan

    Assist Principal

    Cameron Shinn


    Jamie Scheel

    Office Manager

    Diana Rubalcava


    Sammi Knigge

    School Secretary

    Stefanie Garcia

    First Grade

    Karah Hocking

    School Secretary

    Edith Benavidez

    First Grade

    Cheyenne Wilkes

    Bldg Manager

    Pat Rodriguez

    First Grade

    Elaine Folkesson

    Night Custodian

    Seth Dunlap

    First Grade

    Amber Jiron

    Health Clerk

    Amanda Duncan

    Second Grade

    Jamie Shaw

    School Nurse

    Jen Clark

    Second Grade

    Emily Matthews

    Lunch Monitor

    Joe Morado

    Second Grade

    Nicholas Valdivia

    Kitchen Manager

    Leanne Green

    Second/Third Grade

    Kayla Whitaker

    Kitchen Staff

    Adela Zavala

    Third Grade

    Brianna Svendsen

    Kitchen Staff

    Maxi Kimble

    Third Grade

    Jessica Bass

    Kitchen Staff

    Karen Jeavons

    Fourth Grade

    Rebecca Bice


    Amanda Temple

    Fourth Grade

    Michelle Renner

    Special Ed Para

    Guadalupe Vazquez

    Fourth Grade

    Jenny Yeager


    Barb Blandford

    Fifth Grade

    Liz Maierhofer

    MAB Teacher

    Robb Stocker

    Fifth Grade

    Angie Mueller

    MAB Para

    Carla Romero

    Fifth Grade

    Halie Martinez

    MAB Para

    Ashley Benavides


    Eva Chinn

    MAB Para

    Rogelio Juarez


    Meagan Reliford

    Instructional Coach

    Ashley Vallejos


    Christen Adler

    GT Coach

    Julia Rivera



    School Psych

    Samantha Farese

    CLD Teacher

    Missy Tarantino


    Sarah Zuellig

    CLD Teacher

    Alyssa Burgess

    Social Worker

    Emily Doughtery

    K-3 Literacy Specialist

    Cari Pettyjohn


    Gabe Goodman


    Megan McMormick


    Erin Coram

    Instructional Assist

    Diana Retana

    Instructional Assist & Family Liaison

    Brenda Lopez

    Instructional Assist

    Monique Carrillo

    Reading Corp

    Ashleigh Pollan

    Instructional Assist

    Kathleen Murray



    Madison Parent Engagement Opportunities for 2020-2021


    Due to restrictions put in place because of the COVID-19 virus, in-person options will be extremely limited. However, one of the core beliefs of our school is that we are most successful when our school creates strong partnerships with our families. While we cannot meet face to face, we would love the opportunity to get to know all of our families be it through phone conversations, video conferences, or the various written communication options that exist: Class Dojo, email, etc.

    The following options exist as opportunities to increase our partnership in education:

    • Parent Teacher Conferences: these meetings will be held at the building, virtually, and/or over the phone
    • Madison Parent-Teacher Organization: these meetings will take place virtually
    • School Accountability Committee Meetings: these meetings will take place virtually


    Due to current restrictions from the Weld County Health Department, parents will not be able to enter classrooms until further notice. During celebrations for birthdays, holidays and other events, parents will not be allowed in classrooms. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but our first responsibility is to keep everyone in the school safe.


    We also will not be taking students on field trips this school year. We understand that this is disappointing news, but keeping your children safe is the most important job we have, and this is a job we take seriously as a district.



    Section 2: Madison Procedures

    Inclement Weather Procedures


    School Closing for Weather and Emergencies:

    The most reliable source for school closings will be the district website:



    You may also find closure information at the following radio stations:

    • Radio stations: KUAD 1FM
    • KUNC 91.5 FM
    • KATR – 1450 AM
    • KYOU—92.5 FM
    • KVVS – 1170 AM
    • KISF—96.1FM


    Other Closings:

    If a situation occurs that requires us to keep our students inside the building for their safety, we will implement our lockdown procedures. During a lockdown, no students or staff members may leave the building. No one will be allowed to enter the building until the lockdown is over. If we have to institute a lockdown, we appreciate your understanding of our need to keep children and staff safe. In the event of a lockdown, you will receive a note with pertinent information.


    In the event of a closure of schools, the Superintendent will determine when the school time will be made up.


    Students should dress appropriately for Colorado’s ever changing weather. In winter months, a warm morning can quickly change into a winter blizzard. Since students are outside before and after school as well as during recess, appropriate dress would include hats, gloves, and winter coats. Snow boots should also be worn for outdoor activities in the winter. If you are in need of any of these items, please let us know in the office and we can help supply you with these items. If your child is well enough to attend school, he/she will be required to participate in recess outside.                                                   


    Inclement Weather at School:

    On extremely cold (15 degrees or below as determined by our school weather station) or wet mornings, we will communicate over our PA system to students. We will gather students in their classrooms as we do each morning. Due to COVID restrictions, we ask that you do not drop them off too early, and that if you do need to enter the building, you proceed directly to the office.


    Due to the nature of Colorado weather, we may start out the day as an inside day and by lunch it may be warm enough to have students go outside for recess or vice versa.  The school office will make the call for inside days which will be when the weather (with or without wind chill) is below 15 degrees or when it is raining. If it is snowing, but not below 15 degrees, students will be sent out to recess. We know that fresh air and exercise are good for students as well as staff and so whenever possible, we want students to have the opportunity to be outside. So, please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for all variations of weather (see Dress Code section).


    On School Grounds

    Students may not be on the school grounds before 7:35 A.M., and must be picked up by 3:20 P.M. There is no adult supervision before 7:30 A.M., nor after 3:20 P.M. If students develop a pattern of arriving too early or not getting picked up on time, a meeting will be set up with school administration and the child’s family to create a plan of action to ensure their safety. After school, an alternative is always the Boys and Girls Club Monfort Center which adjoins our property! The cost for this after school program is only $10.00 for the year!


    Please help us keep your children safe by following these times for dropping off and picking up your children.




    Parking Lot and Student Drop-off


    The bus lane in front of the school is marked with red and white stripes and is for the exclusive use of the District 6 school buses and the daycare vans. Please do not park in, or block, this lane. The safety of our children is all of our responsibility.


    The following map shows our designated drop-off and pick-up areas, as well as the traffic pattern that must be used to ensure that all are safe.




    Student Check Out


    Educationally, it is best if students do not leave school during the school day for appointments, but we know that sometimes, it is necessary to take a child out of school before the end of the school day. When you need to do this, please know that for safety and security reasons, WE WILL NOT RELEASE A CHILD WITHOUT THE PARENT, GUARDIAN OR DESIGNATED

    ADULT (listed on emergency card) COMING INTO THE SCHOOL AND SIGNING OUT THE CHILD. Children must always be signed-out in the office, and then the student will be summoned from the classroom to meet their family member in the office. It is our job to keep your children safe while they are in our care and so your understanding of this policy is appreciated. Additionally, school is in session until 3:10 P.M. each day.  Students will not be released after 2:55 P.M. without an appointment card. Learning continues until the bell rings and it is a disruption to the entire class if a child is dismissed early. If your child must be excused early, you will need to show a doctor’s appointment card or SKED appointment to the secretary, or talk to a school administrator before your child will be released. Any early dismissal impacts attendance rewards.


    School Safety

    Due to restrictions from COVID-19, no visitors or volunteers are allowed on campus or in the building until the pandemic crisis is over.


    Keeping our students safe is our first priority at Madison Elementary.  As a school, we practice procedures for fire drills, tornado drills and a lockdown of our school in the event of an emergency.


    In the school building: Madison’s doors are locked throughout the day. If you enter school at any time for information or to check your child in or out, you must be “buzzed” into school and then you MUST sign the visitor’s log in the office.


    Because of the new restrictions from COVID-19, parents are not allowed on the playground. For the safety of all, we would appreciate it if you would remain in your vehicle unless you are walking your child to your vehicle. We understand this is a big change from “how things used to be” but until we are certain about safety, we appreciate your help on our journey.




    Section 3: Madison Expectations

    Use of School Telephones/Cell Phones


    Please be sure that your child knows what their “after-school” arrangements are before they leave home in the morning. We try to limit phone usage after school as that is the time of day when the staff needs the phone to return calls, receive calls, etc. Also be sure your child knows the plan for inclement weather. If weather does change during the day, they should know the “back-up” plan ahead of time.


    We do not allow children to call to make arrangements to go home with friends or to the Boys and Girls Club. They need to plan for that ahead of time. We sincerely appreciate your help in this matter.



    Except in cases of emergency, students or teachers are not called to the telephone during school hours.


    Messages for teachers will be placed in their office mailboxes or can be left on voicemail. Teachers will return calls within 24 hours.


    Personal cell phone usage during school hours is not permitted by students and phones must be kept in the students’ backpacks or handed in to their teacher for safe keeping. Teachers may grant special permission for usage if deemed necessary; however, teachers may collect a phone if it is being used inappropriately during school hours. Parents will be allowed to pick-up the phone from the office. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged phones.


    Home/School Communication


    At Madison, we know that communication is important for any partnership to be successful. Our communication with you will come in a variety of forms.


    School Newsletter:

    You will receive a monthly school newsletter. In this newsletter, you will find a calendar of events for the month, information from the principal and any news about Madison students, staff and activities. Any questions about a newsletter should be directed to the main school office, phone number: (970) 348-1700. You can also find information about our school on our website. (http://madison.greeleyschools.org)



    We post school information, celebrations, announcements and pictures on our Madison Facebook account. I have seen several Facebook accounts for Madison, follow us at:  Madison Elementary School @madisoneaglesgreeley or https://www.facebook.com/madisoneaglesgreeley/


    Wednesday Folders: 

    In order to ensure the best possible communication between you as parents and our staff, we will send home a folder every week with your child. This folder will contain your child's work as well as relevant information from our school. We ask that you look over your child's folder each Wednesday evening.  Homework expectations vary by grade level.


    Automated Phone Calls:

    For certain events, such as Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings, Parent Education Meetings, Picture Day, and/or special events, we may send out a school-wide phone message. The automated system usually sends the message to the phone number you listed as “home”.  These messages are translated in both English and Spanish.


    Communication with Madison Teaching Staff:

    Madison staff members are able and willing to communicate with families through email, texts and through Classroom Dojo. We use Classroom DoJo (DoJo.com) schoolwide. Parents will either get a paper invitation with your student’s code or you’ll get a text message invite (click on the link). You will be required to download the free DoJo app to your phone. You will automatically connect with your child’s teacher. You can select the option for Spanish on the app if you want communication in Spanish. Please talk to your child’s teacher on our Back-to-School Night, or at Parent Conferences in September, to arrange for the communication style that best fits your needs.


    Parent Teacher Conferences:  Formal conferences between teachers and parents will be held twice during the school year. You will be notified by your child’s teacher to set up conference appointments; once in the fall and once in the spring.  An informal conference can be arranged at any time at your request. Please contact your child’s teacher.


    If you have a question or concern, your first contact should be with your child's teacher. The teacher spends approximately six hours each day with your child and knows them better than any other staff member. If you need "general" school information, please feel free to call our office.




    Dress Code and School Uniforms

    All students must wear a mask on their face.  The mask must cover the student’s nose and mouth.


    School District 6 wants everyone to know that we place a major emphasis on creating a high-quality environment for teaching and learning in our schools. The safety of our students and staff is also of utmost importance. One part of maintaining an orderly school climate that is focused on learning is to have a clear dress code for students and staff that emphasizes the wearing of safe and non-distracting attire. According to District 6 policy, Madison Elementary is a uniform school.


    White, Yellow, Black or Grey collared shirts with either short or long sleeves:



    Tan, Navy or Black pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers:


    Undershirts must be the same color as uniform shirts. Leggings must be the same color as uniform pants. NO BLUE, shirts or dresses are allowed.


    Spaghetti-strap type blouses and tank tops should not be worn at school. All shirts must cover the mid- drift. Our school is air conditioned and our weather can change at a moment’s notice. This type of clothing does not protect your student from the temperature changes.


    Any other school provided shirts (football, 5210, choir, etc.) may only be worn on Fridays, or with special permission.


    In the event a student comes to school dressed inappropriately, parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing. Students will be required to change into appropriate clothing to comply with  our school’s uniform policy. Habitual infractions of the school ’s uniform policy may result in disciplinary action by school administrators.


    Colorado weather can be tricky. Students should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather. During the winter, students will be sent outside for recess unless the temperature (with or without wind chill) is below 15 degrees. Please make sure that on cold winter days, your child comes to school with a coat, hat, mittens/gloves and appropriate footwear. Winter boots need to be changed to appropriate shoes while inside.


    There are days that students are not required to wear their uniforms.  When not in uniform, the following is our district dress code.


    Greely-Evans School District 6

    Non-Negotiable Universal Dress Code Expectations

    Policy JICA - Student Dress Code

    Non-negotiable universal student dress code expectations:

    • Any clothing item or accessory that causes a disruption to school safety, personal safety and/or the learning environment may result in discretionary intervention by school administrators
    • Tattoos, clothing or accessories that display drugs, sexual innuendos, inappropriate language, alcohol, tobacco products or gang connotations are not permitted. Tattoos
    • displaying any of these must be covered at all times.
    • No hats are permitted inside of the school building during the school day. If “hoodies” are worn, the hood may not be worn inside of the school (religious headwear exceptions).
    • Sunglasses or dark glasses, absent a verified medical condition, are not to be worn or
    • displayed inside of the school building.
    • Trench coats are not permitted anywhere on school property.
    • Soled shoes or sandals must be worn at all times (no “bedroom” slippers or similar footwear
    • No exposed undergarments.
    • Inappropriately sheer, tight or low-cut clothing that bares or exposes traditionally private parts of the body including, but not limited to, the stomach, buttocks, back, breasts
    • or cleavage is not permitted
    • No shaved or notched eyebrows (absent a verified medical condition).
    • No red or blue belts or shoelaces.
    • No team jerseys or belt buckles that display the numbers 13, 31, 14, 41, 18 or 81.
    • No solid red or solid blue shirts (other than designated school uniforms).
    • No red or blue “Dickies” or “Southpole” brand pants, shorts or shirts.
    • No red or blue bandanas or any color bandana that is draped on clothing or hanging out of a pocket.


    2020-2021 Student Calendar




    Homework Expectations


    Homework has many benefits:

    • To communicate with parents about the curriculum taught in the classroom.
    • To practice skills taught.
    • To teach students how to manage time in the classroom and at home.
    • To foster responsibility and organization.
    • To build independent study skills.
    • To help students make the connection that learning takes place anywhere.


    Parent Role:

    Parents should assume the role of facilitator. As students advance from grade to grade, the parent should allow for more independence in the completion of homework. Parents or siblings should never complete homework for the student as that student is not learning. If the homework assignment is too difficult for your child to complete mostly on their own, please have a conversation with your child’s classroom teacher.

    It is very helpful to provide a consistent time and quiet place for your child to complete homework, making sure they have all of the supplies needed. Finally, please make sure your child has completed their homework correctly.


    Grade Level Student Expectations:


    Kindergarten students at Madison Elementary are assigned graded homework. Reinforcement activities for reading and math will be sent home on Mondays for the week. Parents are asked to read to or with their child each evening for 15 minutes. This could include bed-time stories, student take- home reading booklets, or 15 minutes of fun reading. Students should be exposed to as much new vocabulary as possible during the day and during evening reading. In addition parents are asked to work with their child on a literacy activity and a math activity each day for about 5 minutes.


    First Grade:

    A total of 30 minutes of homework nightly, Monday through Thursday:

    • 20 minutes of Reading. Parents must sign the Reading Log each night.
    • 10 minutes of Math homework each night.


    Second Grade:

    A total of 30 minutes of homework nightly, Monday through Thursday:

    • 20 minutes for Reading each night.
    • 10 minutes for Math, Math Facts, and/or Spelling each night.


    Third Grade:

    A total of 30 minutes of homework nightly, Monday through Thursday:

    • 20 minutes of nightly Literacy practice (to include reading, and writing activities).
    • 10 minutes of Math practice (including math facts practice and homework completion).


    Fourth Grade:

    A total of 30 minutes of homework nightly, Monday through Thursday:

    • 20 minutes of Reading, and completion of reading log 5 nights a week, signed by the parent.
    • 10 to 15 minutes of either Math or Spelling practice 4 nights each week, Monday – Thursday.


    Fifth Grade:

    Fifth grade students at Madison Elementary will receive nightly homework to reinforce skills learned during the school day. Nightly assignments may include:

    • 15 minutes of nightly reading
    • 15 minutes of nightly math practice
    • Finish homework not completed in class



    Section 4: Attendance, Safety, & Social Emotional Learning


    Attendance Policy and Expectations



    Significant learning for all students is provided each time class is held in Weld County School District 6. This educational opportunity is provided as a result of in-class participation and high-quality instruction. The benefits of this experience cannot be fully replaced. Consequently, regular and punctual attendance is important for success in school, and absences are detrimental to effective learning. Good attendance builds good work habits.

    If your child is absent from school during the day, he/she may not attend after school activities for that evening, i.e., football practice, RESIST, choir performances, field trips, etc.


    District Attendance Policy:

    Students cannot learn at their highest levels if they are not in school. All absences will be treated as an unexcused absence, unless a note from a doctor is brought to school. As a result, the District 6 Board of Education has adopted a new student attendance policy (Policy JH Student Absences and Excuses).



    Absences will only be excused with a doctor's note. Please remember to call the office to let the school know if your child is sick and/or unable to attend school.



    Unexcused absences are absences which are not reported to the school by a parent or guardian within 48 hours, or not judged as excused by the school administration.


    In the event that an Attendance Contract is needed, a school administrator will call a meeting with the student and his/her parent or guardian if the child has seven absences from school during the school year. Together we will create a plan to ensure students are in school learning at high levels.


    As per Colorado Education Code 22-33-107 3 (I) “A student who has 4 unexcused absences in one month or 10 unexcused absences during the school year” is classified truant.

    As stated above, the administration will schedule a meeting with families if a child has four unexcused absences from school in any month, or seven unexcused absences during the school year. Together we will plan to ensure that students are in school learning at high levels. The administration may determine to put the student on an Attendance Plan. An intervention plan may include a possible referral to Youth and Family Connections. Students and their Parents may be referred to Truancy Court if attendance problems persist.



    Bicycles from Roche Constructors:

    Students who would like to be eligible to win a bike from Roche Constructors need to have great attendance (zero unexcused absences) and must adhere to the following:

    • Have eight or fewer tardies in the school year
    • Have all absences excused with a doctor’s note
    • Have two or fewer absences for the school year


    *Anytime a student is picked up from school early (30 minutes or less), will count as a tardy, and if a student is picked up with more than 30 minutes left in the school day, it will count as a half day absence.


    If you know your child will be missing school for an extended period of time, please come to the office to complete a pre-arranged absence form. If approved, this form will ensure your child is excused for their absence.

    Absences: If your child will be absent, please call the school office before 9:00 A.M. The school phone number is (970) 348 – 1700.



    All students must be in their classroom by 7:50 A.M. Any student arriving after 7:50 A.M. is tardy and will be required to go to the office to receive a tardy slip. Any student dismissed before 3:10 P.M. will also receive a tardy as learning continues until 3:10 P.M. Only students who are ill or have a written doctor’s appointment note will be excused. (Students dismissed at or before noon will be marked absent for a half day.)


    Absences and excessive tardiness WILL AFFECT a child’s progress in school. Your child needs to be here on time every day so that he/she develops the many skills needed to become and/or remain a proficient student. As parents/guardians, you are key to helping your child arrive on time. We appreciate you helping us with this important aspect of school and life.


    Tardy Policy: If a student is not seated in their classroom before the bell rings at 7:50 A.M., the student is considered “Tardy” and must report to the main office to get a pass to enter class. Tardies will be addressed in this manner:

    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tardies: Documented in Attendance Logs in the main office.
    • 4th tardy: School personnel will contact parents of students that are habitually tardy. Habitual tardiness may result in the development of an attendance plan and/or other action as determined by school administration.





    Perfect Attendance Award:

    Students who have no absences (excused or unexcused) and no tardies are eligible to receive a perfect attendance award.


    Positive Behavior Intervention Support:

    Madison is part of a State and District initiative called Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS). This effort teaches and reinforces positive behavior instead of just disciplining students for their misbehavior. Madison staff members recognize positive behavior by giving Talon Tickets in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, and/or playground. These tickets are then used for various rewards, or in the Madison School Store, where they can be redeemed for 10 cents each. Any, and all, staff members may give Talon Tickets. When given to a child, the bigger side of the ticket will and school drawings, and the smaller, right will be detached and sent home.  When home part of their Talon Ticket, ask them caught following the rules at school!


    Social-Emotional Curriculum:

    In 2020-2021, Madison will use a new social emotional curriculum called Second Step. We will use this curriculum to help students examine how they are feeling, and what they are thinking, in order to make better decisions. This curriculum uses extensive brain research, which allows us to structure and sequence short lessons that meet the needs of all three levels of the brain: safety, emotions and motivation, and thinking. This curriculum will provide common language throughout our school, and help us support all of our students.


    Anti-Bullying Curriculum:

    According to stopbullying.gov, bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.


    Bully Prevention is taught with a curriculum within Madison’s Positive Behavior and Intervention Support System, or PBIS, and is taken very seriously. Madison staff members are committed to preventing bullying from occurring. It is important for students and families to know the difference between bullies and friends who get mad at one another over a disagreement. One way to put this into context is to look at differences between being rude, being mean, and acting of bullying:

    • If one student were to trip and fall, and another student were to laugh at them, this could be considered rude or ill-mannered.
    • Same situation, if a student were to trip and fall, and the student was laughing, but also telling other students what happened, this could be an example of being mean.
    • Again, if a student trips and falls and another student on repeated occasions is laughing, getting others to laugh, and bringing it up over and over, this would be bullying.

    Bullying by definition is a repeated act, one designed to take away the power of another, and oftentimes using intimidation. Students will often report that they are being bullied. Should your child tell you this, please stop and listen. While there are instances of bullying that do occur (social media provides multiple examples of adults doing this to each other), sometimes what is happening are examples of others being rude or mean. It is important that children have practice reflecting and analyzing what has happened so they can make choices that help them navigate through life. Bottom line, should you have any doubt about what happened, please contact your child’s teacher so we are aware of what has happened. How safe your child feels at school is important to us. When in doubt, please communicate. If we are unaware of a problem, it is difficult to help.


    Please refer to School Board Policy JICDE* - Bullying Prevention and Education and/or contact the school if you have any questions.




    Discipline Process at Madison


    All staff will teach and practice Madison expectations and procedures with all students. Our goal is to create a caring community where students feel valued, and one where they show and practice acts of kindness. All students need to participate in their community in order to create a sense of ownership and belonging. All staff will implement verbal and written recognition in the classroom. Staff will also narrate the positive - what they want to see - in order for students to hear the expectation.

    Teachers will also use Class DoJo in order to provide positive reinforcement as well as communication with you about behaviors we are seeing at school.


    Teaching Expectations:

    • When staff notice behaviors that are not helping all learn, they will address it the first time verbally. This could sound like, “Right now I am seeing you do ____. What I need to see you do is _____.”
    • Should the same problem reappear, or another behavior that is getting in the way of all people learning, the teachers will directly address it a second time. It could sound something like, “I am seeing ____, and I need you to do ____ so all may learn.”
    • If there is a third appearance of behavior that is interfering with the learning of all, your child’s teacher will invite them to fill out a reflection sheet. This is done for two reasons. The first and most important, in order for anyone to change, they have to look at their actions and how those actions contribute to the results they currently have. If your child can reflect on what is causing them difficulties, this can go a long way to help find something that works better for them. The second reason is for accountability. If we have the same problem over and over, if it is happening during the same time or day or subject, this is helpful in determining how to best help all learn and what changes can be made.
    • Should there be a fourth instance of behavior that gets in the way of learning for all, your child will be asked to come to the office. In the office your child will have a conversation with either Mr. Shinn or Mr. Isenhour, as well as receive a phone call. We know you want the best for your child, and in order to find a solution that allows all to learn as much as possible, we appreciate your partnership in this process.




    Items Not Allowed in School


    Students come to school to learn. When they bring “toys” or electronic games, it interferes with learning. Students are to bring to school only those items which are needed for learning. Students, who bring non-required items such as: electronic games, I-Pods, MP3 players, CD players, trading cards, laser pointers, playground equipment and/or toys etc., may have these items confiscated. Parents will be called and will be given an opportunity to come to the school to pick up the item. If these items are brought to school and stolen, the school is not responsible. Personal cell phone usage during school hours is not permitted by students and phones must be kept in the students’ backpacks or locked up in the child’s classroom. Teachers may grant special permission for usage if deemed necessary; however, teachers may collect a phone if it is being used inappropriately during school hours. Parents will be allowed to pick-up the phone from the office. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged phones.


    Fidgets (spinners)

    Fidgets are the new craze, advertised to improve focus and concentration. However, most students do not need a device such as this to focus on their instruction.  In our

    experience, most Madison students are playing with their fidget and NOT paying attention to the instruction. If a student needs some type of a fidget, a behavioral plan will be created with guidelines to ensure the fidget helps, not hurts, the student’s attention.  If a student without a specific behavioral plan brings a spinner fidget to school, and has it out during class, that spinner fidget will be confiscated and be awaiting pickup by the child’s parent.


    Possession of the following items is NEVER acceptable and WILL RESULT in consequences such as suspension and/or expulsion:

    Alcohol                       Fireworks                    Pocket knives              Drugs

    Lighters                       Weapons (or replicas of weapons)                  Tobacco in any form              

    Vapes or e-cigarettes

    **Any other items deemed dangerous by school administration.



    Recess and Playground Expectations

    Overview: with all the safety precautions put in place because of COVID-19, please make time to talk to your children about what being safe at recess looks like for them. Keeping all safe is our first priority and with your help, we know all of us will be more successful.


    1. Students will be escorted from their classrooms to a designated outside recess spot. With new safety precautions in place, students will spend their outside recess time in a particular place, one that is sectioned off. This is done to make sure that the different cohorts of students stay separated and we minimize the number of students your child will have access in a day.
    2. Students are still required to keep hands, feet and other objects to themselves, unless they are playing a game of tag; while playing tag, students must tag with butterfly fingers on shoulders or arms.
    3. Students will not be allowed to play on the playground equipment until the Weld County Health Department allows us to open this up again. We are sorry, but the safety of kids will come first.
    4. Students may not bring toys, balls or other property from home to play with during recess. Please help us by checking your child’s backpack before they leave the house.
    5. There should be no food or drink on the playground, other than water.
    6. There is no running on the blacktop.
    7. Students may build snow persons, but students may not throw or kick snow. Should students get wet feet or clothes from playing in the snow, they may not ask the office for clothes, nor are they allowed to call home for clothes or shoes.
    8. Students may not play on big snow piles at any time for fear of falling.
    9. If students are not following directions, this is an opportunity to re-teach what needs to be done. This needs to be done with patience in order to build respectful relationships.
    10. Students and adults will work together to play inventive games during this time. We can look at our situation and see either a problem or an opportunity. If we embrace the opportunity, we can grow and learn together.



    Expectations for Riding the Bus


    Some students at Madison qualify to ride a bus to and from school. If you feel your child may be eligible to ride the bus, please call transportation at 348-6800.


    General Bus Riding Guidelines

    1. Students are to be waiting at the designated bus stop when the bus arrives. It is suggested that students arrive to the bus stop 5 minutes before the designated time and wait no more than 15 minutes past the designated time if the bus is running late. It is also suggested that students not arrive at the bus stop more than 5 minutes early to avoid any mischievous behavior. Most district buses run multiple routes and are expected to maintain assigned schedules. Therefore, bus drivers are instructed not to wait for latecomers who fail to arrive at designated pick-up points at the scheduled time.
    2. Children should wait in an orderly line, clear of traffic, off the street and on the curb (if present), and should refrain from running games or horseplay.
    3. Misbehavior of students at bus stops may result in disciplinary action.
    4. The majority of school buses are designed to transport three passengers per seat. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
    5. School buses are designed to transport passengers only. Any item (such as a band instrument or backpack) that is carried on board the bus should be carried in that passenger’s lap. No item that is hazardous (such as glass containers), disruptive (such as pets), blocks the center aisle, or takes up the room of another passenger may be transported in a school bus. If there is a difference of opinion regarding this provision, the Transportation Supervisor (or designee) shall make the determination.
    6. Passengers will not be permitted to wear clothing or footwear that can damage upholstery or floor finishes.
    7. Food, candy, gum, or beverages should not be consumed on the bus during regular route operations. Passengers who violate this provision may be subject to disciplinary action.
    8. Bus drivers are responsible for maintaining discipline on buses. They need your support and cooperation to ensure the safety and welfare of all passengers.
    9. Students shall leave and board the bus at their assigned stops at home or school. In accordance with District Six policy, any exceptions to this provision will require prior written approval from the appropriate principal or authorized designee.
    10. Parents are responsible for instructing their children to board and depart the bus only at their assigned stop. Bus drivers will try to be cooperative and supportive; however, it must be recognized that bus drivers, particularly substitutes, cannot always know where each child is supposed to board or depart the bus.
    11. The Transportation Department will make a reasonable effort to return items left on school buses to their rightful owners. Please note that District 6 cannot be responsible for lost items.
    12. When requested by a school authority, all bus riders are required to properly identify themselves.1
    13. Examples of inappropriate behavior are as follows:
    14. Failure to follow instructions of driver or para-pro.
    15. Failure to board or depart the bus in an orderly manner.
    16. Failure to remain properly seated.
    17. Unnecessary loud noises.
    18. Hitting, teasing, or harassing other students.
    19. Throwing objects in, on, at, or from the bus.
    20. Failure to provide proper identification.
    21. Vandalism or destruction of property.
    22. Profanity, vulgarity, or obscene gestures.
    23. Use of tobacco in any form.
    24. Spitting.
    25. Abuse of lap belts.
    26. Failure to remain quiet and still in the vicinity of railroad crossings.



    Lunchroom information


    BREAKFAST:  Breakfast is universally free for all Madison students and served in the classroom beginning at 7:45 am.


    LUNCH:  Due to COVID-19 precautions, lunch will also be served in the classroom this year.  Lunch is no longer free to students at Madison.  It is still critical for each family to complete their free and reduced lunch form to ensure your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch. A form will be sent to every household about 30 days before school starts and the forms will also be available online (D6 Website) and we will have additional hard copies in the kitchen and school office.


    STUDENT PRICES: Milk may be purchased by students bringing sack lunches at 60¢ cents per carton.


    ADULT MEAL PRICES: Adult lunches can be purchased for $3.50 and an adult breakfast for $2.00.  Adults can pay by cash, check or online.


    Wellness Policy: Research shows that children perform better in school when they eat healthy and are physically active.  To support academic achievement and healthy living, Weld County School District 6 offers exciting wellness opportunities for both students and employees.  With devotion to wellness programming for the entire district, healthy initiatives are changing behaviors for life.  District 6 has strategies in place to improve eating habits, increase physical activity, and provide a healthier school atmosphere.  For more information about the wellness program, visit www.greeleyschools.org/wellness




    Student Use of Technology


    Students Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications Board of Education Policy JS outlines the unauthorized and unacceptable uses of technology.


    Students shall use district technology devices in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.


    Because technology and ways of using technology are constantly evolving, every unacceptable use of district technology devices cannot be specifically described in policy. Therefore, examples of unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, the following.


    No student shall access, create, transmit, retransmit, or forward material or information:

    1. That promotes violence or advocates destruction of property including, but not limited to, access to information concerning the manufacturing or purchasing of destructive devices or weapons.
    2. That is not related to district education objectives.
    3. That contains pornographic, obscene, or other sexually oriented materials, either as pictures or writings, that are intended to stimulate erotic feelings or appeal to prurient interests in nudity, sex, or excretion.
    4. That harasses, threatens, demeans, or promotes violence or hatred against another person or group of persons in violation of the district’s nondiscrimination policies.
    5. For personal profit, financial gain, advertising, commercial transaction, or political purposes.
    6. That plagiarizes the work of another without express consent.
    7. That uses inappropriate or profane language likely to be offensive to others in the school community.
    8. That is knowingly false or could be construed as intending to purposely damage another person's reputation.
    9. In violation of any federal or state law or district policy, including but not limited to, copyrighted material and material protected by trade secret.
    10. That contains personal information about themselves or others, including information protected by confidentiality laws.
    11. Using another individual’s Internet or electronic communications account without written permission from that individual.
    12. That impersonates another or transmits through an anonymous remailer proxy.
    13. That accesses fee services without specific permission from the site administrator.


    To view this entire policy, please go to: http://www.boarddocs.com/co/wcsd6/Board.nsf/Public?open&id=policies



    Student Email Accounts


    Greeley-Evans School District 6 will provide a free email account for every student. Having an email account will allow students to email teachers questions and receive classroom updates. Depending on the teacher, students may also be able to turn in assignments using email.


    All students will receive training on appropriate use of email before teachers provide them with their usernames and passwords. Training will include: dealing with potential bullying, handling email from unknown senders, general email etiquette, and informing students that email messages leave a permanent digital record. Parents are encouraged to use CommonSense Media resources to learn how to support their children as they navigate the online world. Resources can be accessed by visiting the following website (http://www.commonsensemedia.org).

    If you do NOT want your student to have a district provided email account, you may fill-out a “Student Electronic Mail (email) Opt-Out Form” in the office of any district school. Otherwise, your child will be assigned a school email account.


    Acceptable use of email falls under the Board of Education policy governing student use of the Internet and electronic communications. Policy JS states that no student shall access, create, transmit, retransmit, or forward material or information:


    1. That promotes violence or advocates destruction of property including, but not limited to, access to information concerning the manufacturing or purchasing of destructive devices or weapons.
    2. That contains pornographic, obscene, or other sexually oriented materials, either as pictures or writings, which are intended to stimulate erotic feelings or appeal to prurient interests in nudity, sex, or excretion.
    3. That harasses, threatens, demeans, or promotes violence or hatred against another person or group of persons in violation of the district’s nondiscrimination policies.
    4. That uses inappropriate or profane language likely to be offensive to others in the school community.
    5. That is knowingly false or could be construed as intending to purposely damage another person's reputation.
    6. That contains personal information about themselves or others, including information protected by confidentiality laws.
    7. Using another individual’s Internet or electronic communications account

    without written permission from that individual.

    1. That impersonates another or transmits through an anonymous remailer proxy.


    If you have questions, please contact your school principal.





    • Contact your primary care provider.
      Other resources include:
      Family Walk-In Clinic
      Address: 2918 West 10th Street
      Greeley, CO 80634
        Phone: 970-584-2100
      Sunrise Federally Qualified Health Center System
        Adelante Clinic
        Address: 1010 A Street
                      Greeley, CO 80631
        Phone: 970-313-0400
        Monfort Children's Clinic
        Address:  100 North 11th Avenue
                       Greeley, CO 80631
        Phone: 970-352-8898
        Monfort Family Clinic
        Address: 2930 11th Avenue
                      Evans, CO 80620
        Phone: 970-353-9403
        Kids Care Clinic at Centennial Elementary
        Address:  1400 37th Street
                       Evans, CO 80620
        Bond Children's Clinic at Salida del Sol Academy
        Address: 111 East 26th Street
                      Greeley, CO 80631
        Phone: 970-702-2675
      *Weld County Department of Public Health & Environment
        Address:  1555 N. 17th Ave
                       Greeley, CO 80631
        Phone:  970-304-6420


    Parent Handbook Addendum

    Fall 2020 (COVID-19 supports)




    Mission: District 6 engages every student in a personalized, well-rounded and excellent education, preparing students to be college and career ready.

    Vision: District 6 engages, empowers and inspires today’s students in partnership with families and communities to succeed in tomorrow’s world.


    District 6 is committed to ensuring all students are prepared for their future. As we plan for reopening schools in August 2020, the District 6 Mission and Vision are at the core of every decision we make. We know that school closures due to COVID-19 have had a large impact on our students, families and community. Based on survey feedback, we know the majority of our families are ready to get back to in-person learning this fall. While we know we cannot mitigate every risk, through thoughtful and careful planning, we believe we can safely bring students and staff back to in-person learning in August. We are continuing to take guidance from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


    This fall, families can choose to participate in Online Learning or In-Person Learning. No matter which option is best for your family, we promise to engage, nurture and support students through this phase of their education. These values steer our work:


    • Our students come first. In all our planning, we make decisions based on what is best for our students.
    • We provide safe, secure and healthy schools. We have listened to the experts and take the health guidance to heart. We have a highly qualified team who have and who continue to build protocols to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission when students return to in-person learning.
    • We promote access, opportunity and choice. While the majority of families want in-person learning, we know that this is not the right choice for all families which is why there will be an online learning option.
    • We commit to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. We have had to think outside of the box and innovate to educate students through the pandemic. We will continue to keep up to date with expert guidance and make adjustments when necessary.



    Considerations for Reopening School in August 2020

    District 6 believes that teaching students in-person is important for the wellness of our students and families. As we reopen schools this fall, the health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. Using the following guiding principles, we will be able to minimize the risk to students, staff and the public.



    Guiding Principles

    • Prioritize the safety and wellbeing of students, staff, and community
    • Minimize the risk of infection
    • Ensure that we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with individuals who have been infected
    • Open schools as close to “typical” as possible to provide familiarity and stability for our students and families; understand that the school year will not be “business as usual” and maintain flexibility to respond as needed
    • Provide parent choice to enroll their children for either in-person or full-time online (remote) learning
    • Maintain appropriate physical distancing and reduced group size/capacity loads in each classroom and/or building, to the extent possible
    • Support and accommodate those students with unique learning needs (including English language learners, students with disabilities, and gifted students) who might face barriers in accessing their in-person, remote, or online learning environment.



    While we cannot guarantee that your child won’t get COVID-19, we will continue to put safety procedures in place for all of our students, families, and staff.  Some of those procedures include:

    • Cohorting students to the smallest reasonable number of students, allowing them to participate in school, but limit the number of other students that they have daily contact with to protect all students.
    • Face covering wearing will be exercised by students and staff.
    • Social distancing will be in place to the best of our ability in each classroom. We have removed some items from classrooms to create the largest space possible for us to spread students out within the classroom.
    • Taking temperatures of all staff and students when they first arrive at school. This will allow us to isolate anyone with a fever prior to them interacting with other students and staff.
    • Issuing devices to all students so that we can support learning in classrooms or remotely if the need arises.
    • Implementing additional disinfecting procedures throughout all schools.





    Parent and Student Commitments

    Knowing this context and in order to keep our students and staff safe, we expect families and students to commit to the following actions:

    • Wear face coverings when at school, including on the bus
    • Stay in the student cohorts while at school.
    • Follow staff directions as they take student temperatures each morning.
    • Keep good care of the computer that is checked out to each student.
    • Keep student home from school if they show any illness symptoms.
    • Student will stay on campus during the school day.


    As parent/guardian, I will support the school and my child in following these commitments.




    Student Name and Grade




    Parent Name




    Parent Signature