• How do I change my students' enrollment from in-person to online, or from online back to in-person?

    • Please contact your student's home school office staff to work directly with them and the principal for change in enrollment requests.

    My student's enrollment (either online learner or in-person learner) is incorrect, how do I get that corrected in the system?

    • Please contact the office staff at your school for corrections.

    Why is my student showing a duplicate enrollment to either Heiman Elementary School or Prairie Heights Middle School?

    • For the purposes of scheduling our online students together in classes, students need a secondary enrollment to either this elementary or middle school. Please note, students are still enrolled in their home school, and this secondary enrollment is solely for the purpose of scheduling for the online program. 

    My student is new to District 6. How do I get them enrolled?


  • How do I pick up a Chromebook for my student?

    • Since the Chromebook deployment date has passed, please contact your home school's front office to arrange a time to pick up a Chromebook for your student. 

    My Chromebook appears to be defective and/or I need IT assistance?


    • IT Phone: 970-348-HELP (4357)


    • Email: itsupport@greeleyschools.org


    How do I sign into the Chromebook? What are the credentials?

    • To log onto a Chromebook, your student will need their district login credentials. these are the same as if they were at school. If you don't ahve this information, or your student is new to the district, please request this information through the form located on the district website on the district infinite campus tab


Assigned Teachers

  • Who is my student's teacher?

    • Please access Infinite Campus to locate your student's teacher name. If you need assistance logging into Infinite Campus, please see information below. 


  • How do I access my student's schedule?

    • Schedules for students in Grades 6-8 are located in Infinite Campus. For elementary students, please contact your student's teacher via email (located in Infinite Campus) to clarify the schedule. Directions for accessing schedules in Infinite Campus are located on the district website
    • For High School students, please contact the school directly, as high schools re doing their own online programming and scheduling. 

    Why doesn't my student have a schedule populated?

    • If your student is recently set up as an online learner, please check back in Infinite Campus the following day. Just like if students are in brick and mortar buildings, it takes a little time to complete the registration and assign them to classes. Once students are assigned to a teacher, the schedule is populated. See information above about accessing schedules. 

Logging into Platforms for meetings and content

  • What platform is my student using for school?

    • Elementary-aged students will use a combination of Schoology for teacher meetings and other digital content tools. Those tools can all be accessed through Clever. The directions for signing in are found on our website. 
    • Middle school students are using Schoology for Advisement with their teacher and Edgenuity to access content. Directions for logging in are found on our website. 

    How do I find my credentials for logging into the various platforms?

    • Username: Student email without the "@greeleyschools.org"
    • Password: Student ID (this is also the student lunch number)

When to Contact the Teacher Directly

    • Attendance questions
    • Issues with accessing morning meetings or advisement
    • Scheduling issues
    • Errors when accessing teacher meetings
    • Assistance with content
    • Concerns or questions with student programming