• Are your web pages not loading right? 

    Video Tutorial: Chromebook Troubleshooting (Clear History, Update Chrome, Restart)

    1. Clear your history: CTRL-H --> Clear browsing data --> Clear data

    2. Update chrome to the latest version : Open settings --> click About Chrome --> Chrome OS Settings --> Check for Updates 

    3. Restart your chromebook: Power it all the way off and back on again!


    Is your mic not working?

    The website may have permission blocked. To reverse this, follow the steps below:
    1. Open your settings application and scroll all the way down
    2. Click the advanced tab at the bottom of your screen and scroll down until you find the privacy and security section.
    3. Click on site settings. Find the camera tab and click it
    4. Two lists will appear: allow and block. The website you are trying to use will be listed under block
    5. There will be three dots listed next to the website URL. When clicked, select the allow option that appears. The website will appear under the allow section at this pont.
    6. Reload the website