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Business Academy

Business Intern Working

Business Academy Pathways are available at four schools. 

The Business Education Pathway is available at Greeley Central High School, Jefferson High School, Northridge High School, and Greeley West High School.

The High School of Business is available at Greeley West High School.

The Marketing Pathway is available at Greeley Central High School, Northridge High School, and Greeley West High School. 

Business Education Pathway

In this pathway, students learn the fundamentals of business through studies such as entrepreneurship, resource allocation, management techniques, economics, and information technology. 

Career Pathway Courses:

  • Accounting I 
  • Business Communications 
  • Business Law 
  • Business Presentations
  • Personal Finance
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • AP Economics  
  • Yearbook Publication 
  • Small Business Management 

Post-Secondary Occupations:

  • Interior Designer - $50,000 - Associate
  • Interior Design Consultant - $32,000 - Associate

  • Commercial Interior Designer - $48,000 - Bachelor


Marketing Pathway

In the marketing pathway, students learn the process of anticipating, managing, and satisfying customers' demand for products, service and ideas.

Career Pathway Courses:

  • Principles of Marketing         
  • Event Marketing
  • Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing

Post-Secondary Occupations:

  • Retail - $36,000 - High School Diploma
  • Real Estate Agent - $42,000 - Associate
  • Market Research Analyst - $60,000 - Bachelor
  • Advertising Manager - $83,000 - Bachelor

College Credit Opportunities

  • MAR2016 - Principles of Marketing
  • BUS1015 - Intro to Business
  • MAR1055 - Social Media for Marketing in Business

Extended Learning & Leadership Opportunities

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) & DECA student organizations.  Career Explore Internships.

High School of Business (HSB)

This pathway is designed like a college business administration program with courses in various business functions.

Career Pathway Courses:

  • Leadership                                                        
  • Wealth Management
  • Principles of Marketing                                  
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Finance                                       
  • Business Strategies
  • Principles of Business                                      
  • Business Economics  

Post-Secondary Occupations:

  • Search Marketing Strategist - $83,410 - Bachelor’s
  • Sales Manager - $110,660 - Bachelor’s
  • Online Sales Manager - $67,280 - Bachelor’s
  • Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products  - $75,140 - Bachelor’s

College Credit Opportunities

  • Earn College Credit through MBA research curriculum

Extended Learning & Leadership Opportunities

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) student organization.  Career Explore Internships.

*Pathways courses offered at Greeley West High School