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Migrant Education Program

The Migrant Education Program provides supplemental and support services to eligible students. The primary purpose of the MEP is to ensure that all Migrant Students reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or complete a GED) that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment. The MEP ensures that children of migratory farm workers have access to the same free, appropriate public school education that is provided to other children. It seeks to remove barriers to school enrollment, attendance, and achievement of migrant children. 

What is the Greeley-Evans School District 6 MEP Program? 

The Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides educational support services to students who have moved into the school district within the past three years and whose parents work in: farming/ranching, planting/harvesting field crops, poultry, dairy, food processing, meat packing, sorting/grading/sacking vegetables and/or fruits, seed packaging, hauling fruits/vegetables, canning, orchards, greenhouse/nursery, tree processing/forestry, irrigation, sod farms, or on the feed lots. 

What can the MEP Program do for my family? 

  • Help enroll your student(s) in school
  • Provide a Migrant Education Graduate Advocate (MEGA) to help students navigate their educational career
  • Summer school and special migrant student programs
  • Help communicate with your child's school
  • Tutoring and mentoring for students
  • School supplies as need; help with some school fees
  • Free breakfast and lunch for students
  • Help with college and scholarship applications

Migrant Education Graduation Advocates

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