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Student Wellness

Mission: To improve the health of students, families, and staff through education, environmental changes, and opportunities to establish life-long positive nutrition, physical activity, and mental health habits.

Vision: A district that fosters a culture of healthy active learners

Goal 1:

The district will encourage a comprehensive learning environment for developing and practicing lifelong wellness behaviors

Goal 2:

The district will support and promote proper dietary habits contributing to students' health status and academic performance.

Goal 3:

The district will provide opportunities for students to engage in physical activity. 

Goal 4:

The district will support employees by promoting a healthy lifestyle. 


Greeley Evans School District 6 is now accepting applications for elementary and middle school parents to join the Student Wellness Committee! Join with district and community members to work towards improving the health and wellness of students in District 6!


Student Wellness Policy Committee

The Student Wellness Policy Committee meets four times per school year.  The committee is made up of nutrition professionals, P.E. teachers, district administrators, School Board members, school nurses, parents, wellness advocates, and community members. (See Student Wellness Committee Members HERE). These individuals have a passion for wellness and understand the importance of proper nutrition and adequate physical activity in our schools.  This group makes recommendations for school wellness, plans for the implementation of the wellness policy, evaluates the progress the schools have made, and reports this progress to the public.  If you are interested in getting involved with school wellness, please contact the district's Wellness Specialist at 970-348-6622 or by emailing DISTRICT6-WELLNESS@GREELEYSCHOOLS.ORG.  Or, if you would like to join the committee, please fill out THIS APPLICATION and return to 


Below is a PowerPoint that provides an overview of the student wellness policy and what our Action Teams are prioritizing. If you'd like a more complete view of our policy and goals, please see the Implementation Plan linked below under "District 6 Wellness Policy Documents." 

District 6 Wellness Assessments


In the 2011-12 school year, the Student Wellness Policy Committee developed an assessment form for use annually within District 6 schools to evaluate how well the Wellness Policy and other best practices were implemented. Along with the Wellness Policy's objectives, this assessment tool also looked at how well schools were utilizing resources available to them in the district and if they were aligning with the criteria established in the HealthierUS School Challenge. That assessment tool can be found HERE. Scores for D6 schools from 2011-2016 can be found here: ELEMENTARY and SECONDARY. The 2015-16 school year was the last year this paper version was used. Note that because the assessment tool includes more than just information about the Wellness Policy, some schools may be implementing the policy itself better or worse than is reflected in the school's score.


2016-2017:  The assessment can be found here: LWP ASSESSMENT TOOL (2016-17) The results of that assessment can be found here: D6 LOCAL WELLNESS POLICY ASSESSMENT RESULTS 2016-2017


In the 2023-2024 school year all D6 schools (except some charters) will participate in the statewide assessment, SMART SOURCE. In addition, an electronic assessment was developed specifically for D6 schools to further evaluate components unique to the D6 Wellness Policy and resources. The district Student Wellness Committee decided that schools will be asked to complete this personalized assessment every other year.