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Non-Food Classroom Rewards



The District 6 Wellness Policy only allows students to be rewarded with non-food items. This is important so that our students get a consistent message that we value their health. Utilize the resources below to help ensure that student behavior is rewarded appropriately.

Check out THIS ARTICLE from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, supporting the use of non-food rewards. 

Free Non-Food Rewards Program

Kids are often offered food as a reward for good behavior.  There are disadvantages to using food as a reward.  It teaches kids to eat when they’re not hungry, and it contradicts nutrition education being taught in school.  The updated wellness policy for the district requires that only non-food rewards be used in schools.  In order to assist teachers in implementing the new District 6 Wellness Policy, the Student Wellness Program has purchased non-food items to serve as classroom rewards.