Open Enrollment

Families can choose which schools their children attend

Neighborhood schools in District 6 are a great fit for our students and families, offering a well-rounded education that helps students reach their full potential. However, some parents and students prefer programs that offer unique educational experiences that more closely align with their personal preferences, goals, and needs.

For these families, District 6 offers a variety of educational options and alternative programs. If you are interested in enrolling your child in a school that’s outside your home attendance area, you must apply during the open enrollment window. Students currently open-enrolled do not need to fill out a new application unless they are changing schools.

The window for open enrollment requests for the 2017-18 school year is November 7 - December 20, 2016. A special open enrollment window for the Fred Tjardes School of Innovation will be open through March 10, 2017. Please submit these enrollment forms to the District 6 Administration building only, 1025 9th Avenue in Greeley.
The Open Enrollment Application Form is available at every school office, at the district’s main office, 1025 Ninth Ave. in Greeley, and on this web page. Completed applications must be submitted by the end of the last day (4:30 p.m.) of the open enrollment window at your child’s school, or at the school you are requesting for your child to attend.

While the district is able to accommodate the vast majority of open enrollment requests district-wide, we cannot approve requests for enrollment in schools (or specific grade levels in a school) that are at or above capacity or where special programs needs cannot be met or are above capacity.

Already open-enrolled students do not have to be re-enrolled to stay

Students who are presently attending a school under open enrollment or transfer will automatically be enrolled into the school they are presently attending for the 2017-18 school year. If, however, a parent wishes to enroll a child back in their home school for the 2017-18 school year, parents should complete a Discontinuation of Open Enrollment/Transfer Application and return it to their current school by December 20. These forms are also available in the locations listed above.
Students transitioning from one school level to another (preschool to elementary school, elementary school to middle school, or middle school to high school) will automatically be enrolled into their boundary school unless a new open enrollment application is submitted and approved. For example, an eighth-grade student who lives in the Franklin boundary and is open enrolled at Heath will automatically be enrolled at Northridge for 2017-18, as Northridge is the student’s boundary school.

The District will notify parents of new applicants’ open enrollment status during the first week of February. Parents of approved open enrollment student(s) must provide transportation to and from their approved school. This also applies to students receiving special education services and transportation services. For more information about open enrollment, please call 348-6265.

Open Enrollment Letter for 2017-18 School Year

Open Enrollment Applications for 2017-18 School Year

Discontinuation of Open Enrollment/Transfer Application
English - Discontinuation form
Spanish- Discontinuation form
Student Transfer Application
English - Student Transfer application
Spanish - Student Transfer application

During the Open Enrollment period each year, applications will also be available at all school offices, and at the district’s main office (1025 Ninth Ave.).

Special Notes

Charter Schools
Some charter schools have different enrollment procedures and timelines, so be sure to visit with their school staff to learn the details.

Students who use Open Enrollment to attend a school outside their home neighborhood boundaries will not have school bus service to and from school; their parents will be responsible for getting their students to and from school.

High School Athletic Eligibility
The Colorado High School Activities Association, which regulates eligibility for school sports, places some restrictions on students' athletic elibility if they transfer schools during high school. Parents and students should make themselves aware of the CHSSA transfer rules before applying for open enrollment.

Board Policy
Click HERE to read the entire Board of Education Policy regarding Open Enrollment and transfer procedures and guidelines (JFB - "Open Enrollment/Transfers"),

For more information
Please call the School Leadership Office at 970-348-6265.