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Facilities Master Plan

Vision Statement

"We see sustainable district facilities that utilize innovative design to create flexible learning spaces that encourage collaboration, culturally relevant community areas, indoor/outdoor integrated learning, and natural light. We see an environment that is adaptable to future needs; creating an environment that utilizes progressive technology and maximizes safety and security while capitalizing on community partnerships and resources and that celebrates the diversity of the community."

District 6 is dedicated to ensuring that we engage, empower, and inspire our students each and every day. The work of District 6 is guided by Innovation 2030 our district strategic plan. Included in Innovation2020 are the goals of the BOARD OF EDUCATION as well as priority actions and measurements.

Successful master planning includes the careful assessment of existing facilities and sites, identification and analysis of future properties, interpretation of demographic shifts and district student needs. This work is an action step under the Organizational and Operational Effectiveness goal and states that we will align financial and other resources to ensure a reasonable learning environment that is supportive of student achievement. The Greeley-Evans School District 6 has contracted with The Cunningham Group to conduct a Facility Planning and Outreach Study. The purpose of this study is to analyze current district facility needs to help provide safe and positive personalized learning environments as our students become college, career, and life ready. This work will inform the planning for a possible future Bond Measure for expansion and improvement of district facilities.

All facilities within the district were analyzed by a team of architects, engineers, and other professionals. The Greeley-Evans School District 6 along with the Cunningham Group included members of the community to be a part of these discussions.

Facility Master Planning Members

Deagan Andrews, District 6 Staff

Jane Barbe, District 6 Staff

Elizabeth Barber, Community Member

Kim Barbour, Community Member

Bob Billings, District 6 Staff

Cecilia Blake, District 6 Staff

Danielle Bock, District 6 Staff

Holly Bressler, District 6 Staff

Scott Bright, Community Member

Bruce Broderius, Community Member

Jeff Cranson, District 6 Staff

Tony Czech, District 6 Staff

Bryan Dunbar, District 6 Staff

Carrie Durr, District 6 Staff

Scott Ehrlich, Community Member

Hali Fangmeier, District 6 Staff

Amy Foore, District 6 Staff

Brian Franzen, Community Member 

John Gates, District 6 Staff

Patty Gates, Community Member

Rhonda Haniford, District 6 Staff

Chad Hawley, District 6 Staff

Jon Helwick, Community Member

Kent Henson, District 6 Staff

Julie Hill, Community Member

Maria Hoxmeier, District 6 Staff

Kelly Jackson, Community Member

Caleb Jackson, Community Member

Steve LaForest, Community Member 

Connie Larson, District 6 Staff

Derek LeFebre, Community Member

Sarah MacQuiddy, Community Member

Andy Meyer, Community Member

Devin Moses, Community Member

Theresa Myers, District 6 Staff

Martin Neibauer, District 6 Staff

Cathy Nelson, District 6 Staff 

Tom Norton, Community Member 

Pat Otto, District 6 Staff

Ross Perkins, Community Member

Deirdre Pilch, District 6 Staff

Karen Pullen, District 6 Staff

Daniel Reyez, Community Member

Logan Richardson, Community Member

Amy Rotunno, District 6 Staff

Tony Scott, District 6 Staff

Stephen Seedorf, District 6 Staff

Erin Snyder, District 6 Staff

Meggan Sponsler, District 6 Staff

Nichole Tijerina, Community Member

Wes Tuttle, District 6 Staff

Monty Ulmer, District 6 Staff

Elizabeth Urich, District 6 Staff

Mark Wallace, Community Member

Randy Watkins, Community Member

Kenneth Watts, Community Member

Jeri Webb, Community Member

Barbara Whinery, Community Member

Bob Williams, District 6 Staff