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    It is strongly recommended that you begin the renewal process for your CDE License six months prior to expiration. Human Resources staff are available to provide Verification of Experience and Notarization of applicable documents. Once mailed, it will take approximately three weeks to appear in CDE's online "Status Check" where you are able to track the progress of your application. Expect three to four months for processing under normal circumstances.
    National Board Certification
    For Certified Personnel interested in learning more about National Board Certification Requirements.  General Eligibility Prerequisites include:
       -Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
       -Have completed three years of successful teaching.

       -Have held a valid state teaching license for each of the three years of employment you verify.

    Student Loan Forgiveness/Assistance Programs

    We know that many new teachers have student loans from college that they need to pay off, which can be a financial burden. Thankfully, there are national programs that can assist with reducing or eliminating student loan balances. Most of these programs are for full-time teachers who work in schools/districts serving low-income students and for teachers who work in hard-to-fill positions such as special education, math, science, English language acquisitions, etc. The amount of loan forgiveness offered by these programs generally ranges from about $2,000 to $17,000. Here are a few websites worth checking into for more information:


    Stafford Federal Loan Forgiveness Program

    Perkins Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

    Congressional Research Service report on student loan forgiveness programs