• Classified Educational Incentive

    Benefited Classified Employees are eligible for the Educational Incentive Program. This plan is designed to encourage employees who are paid from the Classified Schedule to take courses directly related to your current position within Greeley-Evans. All Applications and plans must be approved by a direct supervisor or department head and submitted before April 30. Proof of claim, including transcripts, must be submitted before October 1.
    Please complete the application below and read all instructions in the application before submitting your application for approval.
    Instructions and Qualifications
    -Incentive application must be completed and submitted before April 30
    -Educational Incentive Plan must be completed every year and signed by your supervisor
    -Proof of Claim must be completed and have official transcripts and/or an in-service transcript stapled to the application and must reflect increments of 5 quarter hours which will be used in their entirety even if prorated.
    -Be a benefited classified employee with Greeley-Evans School District 6 on the last day of school and from the first day of school through the last working day in November.
    -Get approval from your immediate supervisor or department head
    -Establish a clear and concise goal
    -Complete the Educational Incentive Plan form
    -Forward the application and Incentive Plan to Human Resources for Processing
    Training and Improvement Programs
    -AIMS, UNC Continuing Education Courses
    -Regular AIMS and UNC Courses
    -Workshops and Seminars that are district approved
    -Area vocational and technical courses
    -Other area university or community college courses