Student Health Concerns: General Information

  • Many students have health concerns which may need to be addressed or cared for at school.  School Registered Nurse Consultants work with Health Care Providers and School Health Clerks to administer medications, treatments and provide care during the school day. 


    Health care plans (HCPs) are written by the School Registered Nurse Consultant for students who have health conditions for which the health office has specific procedures to follow such as medications, treatments, special directions for emergency care or special precautions. 


    All students who have diabetes, seizures, severe allergies or need to medications at school should have a HCP.  Other disorders may also have specific precautions which would require a HCP.  PLEASE contact the School Registered Nurse Consultant or Health Clerk at your student's school if you have concerns about your child.


    Not all students with health concerns require a specific HCP unless we have specific medications, treatments, or care that should be given at school.



Health Care Plans, Physicals & Other Forms Related to Student Health

  • Medication at School

  • Physicals (Preschool or Sports)

  • Severe Allergies or Anaphylaxis

  • Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • Seizure Disorder

  • Concussion/Head Injury

  • Lice and Bed Bugs Information

  • Release of Confidential Information