Where can I find scholarships???


    Northridge Scholarships 








    Apple for financial aid at the college you are applying to
    Tips for Scholarship Applications:
    1.      Apply if you are eligible: Read all requirements and directions carefully.
    2.      Fully complete the application: If a question does not apply to you, make a note of this on the application. Do not leave questions blank and be sure to offer any additional information, supporting materials (letters of recommendation, transcripts, and essays).
    3.      Follow directions: Provide everything that is required; yet, do not supply things that have not been requested.
    4.      Neatness counts: Type all applications. If you must print, make sure you are neat and print legibly. Make copies of the form before you fill it out. The copies can be used as drafts.
    5.      Be sure your essay leaves a strong impression: The keys to writing a good essay are to be specific, personal, and include concrete details. Address the who, what when, and where of your topic. Even small experiences can be immense if you use honesty and creativity when presenting how you were affected by it.
    6.      Be aware of deadlines: The help to stay on track, set a deadline for yourself that is two weeks prior to the actual deadline. Scholarship providers rarely provide extensions.
    7.      Clearly identify yourself on each page: In order to be sure your application gets to the correct place in one piece, be sure your name is on each page, each page is clearly marked, and that all application components are bound together.
    8.      Back up your files: Make copies of the packet before you send it out. As you work, save often and remember that you can also email yourself a copy if you are worried about the reliability of equipment.
    9.      Review your application before submitting: Proofread your application thoroughly and/or ask others to help with this. Sometimes others can catch mistakes you have missed. Look for misspelled words, grammatical errors, or repetition.
    10.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help: School counselors and most teachers have a great deal of experience working with students on letters of recommendation and scholarship applications, so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice, input, or help filling out the application. You can also email or call the scholarship organization directly and ask for help.