Homework Help!

  • For homework help CLICK HERE! You can download copies of the homework in English or Spanish, and you can watch a video that will help explain how to complete it.  How handy, right?  This link takes you to the third grade curriculum, you have to select the module and lesson for your homework.  You can find these things at the top of your homework as shown below!


     Zwickle HW Help

    Check out the Zearn leson here!  With Zearn, you can rewatch a lesson, practice using the Tower of Power, or challenge yourself with the Bonus.   All you have to do is log in, find the current mission (we call it unit or module at school) and lesson. 

    Our User Names are : zwickle    zwickle1     zwickle2     zwickle3

    The password for all of them is: 123456