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                  Mr. Layden
                         Mr. Layden
         Mr. Layden at six years old      
          Mr. Layden at 6 years old 
    Library Media Center
    Phone: 970-348-1991
    Welcome to the Debbie Merrill Library Media Center!  I'm Mr. Layden. I have taught at McAuliffe for 27 years.  Along with several years of teaching fifth grade and third grade I was the Building Technology Specialist for three years.  I love being able to work with every student in the building from Kindergarten to 7th grade.  We work hard on learning how to research using the computer lab, encyclopedias, and non-fiction books.  First through seventh grades work on learning to code, (programming) keyboarding skills, and microsoft office skills.  You are welcome to stop by any time to witness some of the action in the library or computer lab.
    Toby Layden