Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2012


Graduates will need to be lined up and ready to go at District 6 stadium by 5:00 PM.
The "big day" is here!
Seniors will report to the NORTH sidewalk behind District 6 stadium.  Remember, this is a formal ceremony so please dress accordingly.
Graduation starts at 6:00 PM.
  • PICTURES AT COMMENCEMENT:  Pictures may be taken during the Commencement ceremony.  To prevent interference, no unauthorized individuals will be allowed on the field.  A commercial photographer will take pictures of you receiving your diploma.  You will be contacted about this after graduation, and you are under no obligation to buy these pictures, but they are done well.
  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER GRADUATION:  Go to the Northridge High School cafeteria (just to the West of the stadium) where you will receive your official diploma (you only receive the cover during the ceremony).  You may keep your cap, tassel and gown.
  • EMERGENCY SEVERE WEATHER PLAN:  As always, we will continue the tradition of holding our ceremony outdoors.  In the event of extremely inclement weather, we will move indoors to the Island Grove Event Center on Saturday, May 26th at 6:00 PM.  The decision to move to Island Grove will be made by Mr. Cousins prior to the start of the ceremony and any changes will be posted immediately on the school Website.  Once the ceremony begins outside, we will NOT utilize the inclement weather plan.  We will run graduation to conclusion and if the weather conditions force the termination of the ceremony, we will distribute diplomas in the cafeteria at Northridge High School.