Free and Reduced Meal Program

  • Did you know that you can now apply for meal benefits online? 
    Applying for meal benefits has never been this easy!
    It only takes a few minutes and your application will be processed faster than a paper application! 

    Programa de comidas Gratis y Reducidas- ¡Aplica hoy!

    ¿Sabia usted que ahora se puede aplicar por medio del internet?
    ¡Aplicando por medio del internet nunca ha sido tan facil como ahora!
    Solo Se tarda unos cuantos minutos y su aplicación puede ser procesada mas rapido que una aplicacion de papel.
    The 2018-2019 application is now active! Click the link above to submit an application.
    Download the PDFs below for more information:
    Para bajar mas information clic aqui: 
    You can also apply with a paper application!
    Free & Reduced meal applications are available in English or Spanish at all school offices and kitchens. Applications are also available at the Nutrition Office located at 2508 4th Ave., Greeley, CO 80631. For more information, please call 970-348-6600. Contacts: Fatima Santiago (Bilingual)  or Logan Vance.

    ¡También puede llenar una aplicación en papel!

    Aplicaciones para El Programa Gratis y Reducido son disponibles en Inglés y Español en todas las oficinas y cocinas de las escuelas. Las aplicaciones también se encuentran disponibles en nuestra oficina de Servicios de Nutrición localizada en 2508 4th Ave., Greeley CO 80631. Para mas información, por favor de llamar al 970-348-6600. Contactos: Fatima Santiago (bilingüe) o Logan Vance.


    To print out a copy of the application in English, CLICK HERE. Instructions must be included with the application.

    To print out a copy of the application in Spanish, CLICK HERE. Instructions must be included with the application.

  • Free and Reduced FAQs

    What are the benefits for completing the Free and Reduced-Price Meal application?

    Besides having your child receive a hot nutritious meal, it is very important for Greeley-Evans School District 6 to receive the funding for these nutritious meals. Therefore, completing the Free/Reduced-Price Meal Application and returning it to your child's school or the Nutrition Services office is also as important.  Greeley-Evans School District 6 receives much of its federal funding for students qualifying for Free/Reduced-Price meals even if you choose to not participate in the school meals program. Just by your qualifying, the district receives money for educational needs.

    Who will see my application?

    We may share your eligibility information with federal education programs, state health and nutrition programs to help evaluate, fund or determine benefits for their programs, audits for program state and federal reviews, district finance office.

    How do I apply for Free/Reduced-Price meal benefits for my children?

    To receive meal benefits you must complete a Free/Reduced-Price meal application, either online or as a paper application.  We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so please be sure to fill out all required information.

    Completed applications must contain:

    • Student(s) Name(s)
    • Adult Social Security Number OR check the box indicating "I do not have a Social Security Number"
    • If an income application, total household gross income or check the box indicating "No income"
    • Adult Signature
    • For more information, please review Free and Reduced Meal Application Requirements

    Why do I have to reapply each year?

    Federal guidelines require that we have a new application on file each school year.

    Why was my application selected for verification?

    Federal guidelines require us to conduct income verification of at least 3% of all applications on file each year.  Applications are randomly selected for verification by our computer system.  Within a specified time period, parents/guardians must provide adequate documentation to verify income.  If the adequate documentation is not provided, the student could lose free or reduced-price meal benefits.

    Why did my child's free/reduced status at the beginning of the year change to full paid status?

    The following are some scenarios why you might have changed to a full paid status:

    • Federal guidelines require a new application every school year.  If you do not complete a new application within 30 student contact days from the first day of school, your children will automatically change to full paid status.
    • Federal guidelines require a verification once a year.  If you do not submit the required documentation within the verification time frame, your student's status will become full paid.

    How do I know what my child's meal status will be?

    Once your application has been processed, we will send you a notification letter stating what your child's meal status will be.  Please keep this letter for your records.

    May I complete an application for Free and Reduced-price meals by phone or fax?

    We are unable to accept applications by phone or fax, due to our application scanning program.  All applications must be completed on the official paper form or online.  Paper forms may be turned in to the school offices or kitchens or to the Nutrition Office located at 2508 4th Ave., Greeley, CO  80631.

    What happens if I do not return the application?

    Your household will be required to pay the full price for any meal your child purchases at school. 

  • The Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act requires the information on this application. You do not have to give the information, but if you do not, we cannot approve your child for free or reduced price meals. You must include the last four digits of the social security number of the adult household member who signs the application. The last four digits of the social security number is not required when you apply on behalf of a foster child or you list a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) case number or other FDPIR identifier for your child or when you indicate that the adult household member signing the application does not have a social security number. We will use your information to determine if your child is eligible for free or reduced price meals, and for administration and enforcement of the lunch and breakfast programs. We MAY share your eligibility information with education, health, and nutrition programs to help them evaluate, fund, or determine benefits for their programs, auditors for program reviews, and law enforcement officials to help them look into violations of program rules.

    The U.S Department of Agriculture prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an 
    individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. (Not all prohibited bases will apply to all programs and/or employment activities.)

    If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at filing cust.html, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form. You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442 or email at

    Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339; or (800) 845-6136 (Spanish).

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


    La Ley Nacional de Comedores Escolares Richard B. Russell pide la información arriba en esta solicitud.  No tiene que dar la información, pero si usted no la provee, no podemos aprobar comida gratuita o de precio reducido para sus niños. Usted debe incluir los últimos cuatro números del Seguro Social (SSN) del miembro adulto que firma la solicitud.  Los últimos cuatro números del SSN no se requieren cuando usted solicita  de parte de un niño adoptivo temporal o usted incluye un número de caso del Programa de Asistencia Nutricional Suplementaria (SNAP, por sus siglas en inglés), el Programa de Asistencia Temporal Para Familias Necesitadas (TANF, por sus siglas en inglés)  o el Programa de Distribución de Comida en Reservaciones Indígenas (FDPIR, por sus siglas en inglés) u otra identificación FDPIR de su niño.  Tampoco necesita indicar el número del SSN si el miembro adulto del hogar que firma la solicitud no lo tiene.  Utilizamos su información para determinar si su niño es elegible para la comida gratuita o de precio reducido, y para administrar y hacer respetar los programas de almuerzo y desayuno.  Podemos compartir la información sobre su elegibilidad con los programas de educación, salud, y nutrición para ayudarles a evaluar, financiar, o determinar los beneficios de sus programas, así como con los auditores de revisión de programas, y los oficiales encargados de investigar violaciones del reglamento programático.


    El Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos (USDA, por sus siglas en inglés) prohíbe la discriminación contra sus clientes, empleados y solicitantes de empleo basada en raza, color, origen nacional, edad, discapacidad, sexo, identidad de género, religión, o retaliación por haber iniciado una queja de derechos civiles.  También se prohíbe la discriminación, cuando es pertinente, basada en creencia política, estado civil, estado familiar o paterno, orientación sexual, información genética, o cuando todo o parte del ingreso de una persona viene de cualquier programa pública asistencial, en el empleo, o en cualquier programa o actividad realizados o financiados por el Departamento.  (No todas las bases prohibidas aplican en todos los programas y/o actividades de empleo.)Si usted desea poner una queja de derechos civiles de discriminación, complete el Formulario  del USDA de Queja de Discriminación que se encuentra en el sitio web,  El formulario también puede obtenerse en cualquier oficina del USDA, o llamando  al (866) 632-9992.  Envíe por correo el formulario o carta de queja completada a la siguiente dirección:  Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C.  20250-9410, o al fax (202) 690-7442, o por correo electrónico a:   

    Personas sordas, con discapacidad auditiva o de habla, pueden contactar al USDA por medio del Servicio Federal de Retransmisión al (800) 877-8339; o (800) 845-6136 (español).

    Esta institución en un proveedor de oportunidades equitativas.