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District 6 seeks public input on naming of new center

Greeley-Evans School District 6 is seeking public input on the naming of a new Career and Technical Education Center currently under construction.


Funded through the 2019 Bond Issue, the Center is under construction at 1420 2nd Street, north of Billie Martinez Elementary School. District 6 is seeking recommendations from the community for the name of the CTE Center. The Center will have five unique career pathways: Early Childhood Education, Cosmetology, IT-Cybersecurity, Welding and Construction-Electrical.

According to District 6 Board of Education policy and regulation, the following guidelines shall be used when considering facility names:


  • The street on which the school is located, or

  • The community or area of the city in which the school is located, or

  • In memory of a famous American (surname only), or

  • In recognition of the contribution to education by a resident or family associated with the local community, or an outstanding citizen who is deceased for at least five years (surname only), and

  • No two schools in the district shall be given the same name.


Recommendations may be submitted by residents of the Greeley-Evans School District 6 by November 30 at 4:00 PM. The Naming Committee  - composed of community members, district staff and students - will make recommendation(s) for naming the new school to the Superintendent, who will make a recommendation(s) to the Board of Education, which has final approval.


Click to submit your recommendation for naming the new center.