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Madison Elementary School Mission and Vision Task Force Members

Madison Elementary School will be rebuilt with dollars received from the 2019 Bond Issue. The new school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2023, and will be constructed on the current Madison site.


Currently, a Mission and Vision Task Force is meeting to discuss what the new school will look like, including:

  • Will the new school be a K-5 or K-8 school?
  • Will preschool be part of the new school?
  • Will the school have a specific academic focus?
  • Will the name of the school remain the same or be changed? Will the mascot remain the same or be changed?
  • What amenities should the new school include to best serve students and families?


Parents, students and staff will be asked to contribute ideas and feedback through this visioning process. Once this group finishes its visioning work, a Design Advisory Group will begin meeting in January 2021 to help architects design the new school. 


Mission and Vision Task Force Members


Facilitators:  Wes Tuttle, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary and K-8 Schools and Theresa Myers, Chief Communications Officer


Committee Members:

  • Steve Isenhour, Principal
  • Jenny Yeager, Teacher
  • Angie Mueller, Teacher
  • Sammi Knigge, Teacher
  • Bri Svendsen, Teacher
  • Missy Tarantino, CLD Teacher
  • Eva Chinn, Art Teacher
  • Diana Retana, Classified
  • Diana Rubalcava, Office Manager/Parent
  • Cameron Shinn, Assistant Principal