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A Message from the Board of Education

As we are ushering in a new year, the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education are looking back on 2020 - an unusual and challenging year - with gratitude and appreciation.


We and the communities we serve owe a sincere debt of gratitude to our District 6 staff who have labored tirelessly to serve the students and families of District 6 both through remote and in-person learning. Their dedication and devotion is unwavering. They have been nimble, resourceful, thoughtful, caring and have continued to provide an excellent education to 23,000 students. They have planned, plodded and reset numerous times as the spread of COVID-19 in our communities has dictated adjustments in how students learn. We thank each and every teacher, administrator and member of our dedicated support staff who have kept children learning, healthy, fed, transporting them where they need to be and made sure they had the services they need to access their education. It hasn’t been perfect, and it certainly hasn’t been easy, but it has been an amazing and concerted effort, and the Board of Education thanks you.


We are also very grateful for our students and families, who have endured changes and uncertainty this past year, and have worked hard to stay engaged in their learning under these unusual circumstances. We know going in and out of remote learning has been challenging for our students and families, and yet you have adapted with such grace and grit. Our families have learned to provide the kind of support for student learning they would have never anticipated. Family members have become IT techs, tutors, lunch monitors, time management gurus and so much more. And students, we know you all just want to be back in school, on a regular schedule with your regular teachers and classes. We ask that you just hang with us a little longer. The end is in sight. Nobody wants you back in school more than the Board of Education. We will get there soon!


And, finally, but certainly just as important, we want to thank our communities of Greeley and Evans. So many of you have jumped in to support our schools, students and families. Community partners have come alongside us to help care for and support students and families. You have written kind notes of support and well wishes as we have maneuvered these uncertain times in education. You have volunteered to hand out food to families.  We would love to thank you all individually, but we would inevitably forget someone. Just know we recognize all of your efforts, and we simply couldn’t have done all this without you.


We ask for your continued support as we work to return to in-person learning this semester. There is still much unknown as we move forward, and we know there will be changes along the way. Thank you for continuing to abide by COVID-19 protocols by wearing masks in public, staying away from large gatherings, washing your hands and staying home when you are sick. These are still the best ways to slow the spread of this virus. And until the COVID-19 vaccine is available to all, these protocols will be essential to keeping our school buildings open and staff serving students in-person.


The word for 2021 is hope. We, your Board of Education, hope the new year brings health, renewal, joy, love and some return to our cherished pre-COVID lives. Thank you all for your support and continued diligence as we continue to serve the children and families of our community while maneuvering this pandemic. Happy New Year!


The District 6 Board of Education,


Michael Mathews, President

Terri Pappas, Vice President

John W. Haefeli, Director

Natalie Mash, Director

Pepper Mueller, Director

Rhonda Solis, Director

Ray Talley, Director