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2020 End of Year Item Exchange Information

May 11, 2020

Dear Jackson Families,

Greetings!  I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  The staff have missed your children tremendously this spring.  Thank you for supporting our virtual learning and helping your students learn and succeed at home.  As the school year comes to an end, it is time to think about picking up your children’s belongings here at Jackson, and returning the computers you were given in March.  Please find the schedule below as to when you are to come to the school to exchange items.  You will be coming to Jackson to pick up your items and drop off Chromebooks (with power cords) and library books according to your last name.  The schedule is as follows:

LAST NAME BEGINS WITH                 DATE                               TIME
A, B                                                       MAY 26TH                         8-11 AM
C                                                            MAY 26TH                        12-3 PM

D, E, F, G                                               MAY 27TH                        8-11 AM
H, I, J, K                                                   MAY 27TH                      12-3 PM 

L, P                                                        MAY 28TH                         8-11 AM
M, N, O                                                 MAY 28TH                         12-3 PM

R, W, Y, Z                                               MAY 29TH                        8-11 AM
S, T, V                                                    MAY 29TH                         12-3 PM

The pick up and drop off location is in the WEST parking lot.  You will enter, we will check off your child/children’s names, we will take our items from you then you will pop your trunk and we will put your items in the trunk.  Please follow these guidelines:
When pulling up to the school, students and parents in the car must wear a mask or face cover over your mouth and nose. If you do not have a mask, you will have to leave immediately and later schedule a new time to pick up and return items when you have a face covering.
Write your child’s name and grade on a piece of paper in large letters so it can be seen through the car window from at least six feet away.
DO NOT get out of your cars when you arrive on the school campus.
Open the trunk of the car and school staff will place items into your car.
Families will bag, label, and return all library books, and any Chromebooks, hotspots and charging cords. Please include your child’s full name on the label.
Staff will wear gloves and masks to assist in protecting students, families and staff.

If you are not able to make it to the school during the scheduled time, you are welcome to send a neighbor or local relative to make this appointment. If that is not possible, please contact your school to arrange retrieval of items. Items not picked up will be kept safely for students until school buildings reopen.  Due to construction happening at Jackson this summer, we strongly encourage you to come and get your desk items at your scheduled time.

Again, thank you for your encouragement and support this spring!  We couldn’t have done this without the partnership with families!  If you have any questions, please call the front desk at 970-348-1500.  Thank you, and we will see you soon!

Mrs. Dillehay
Principal, Jackson Elementary School