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Live Web Cams And Virtual Field Trips

Grow your mind with these resources put together by Ms. Roth in the library!  

Live Cams From Around The World

Observe different animals, places and people from around the world from these live cams!  Do you have a question about what you are watching?  Do you want to learn more about a topic?  Search World Book Online in Clever or search one of the Time in Text Resources for an e-book on the topic!  Have fun exploring and learning!  Grow your mind!   

****Live Cams From Around The World      




Virtual Field Trips Around the World

Take a trip around the world with these interactive virtual field trips!  Once you get into the sights use your mouse to explore!  You are in control of your visit! The 360 photos and 360 videos are really cool!!  MIND GROWING! 

****Virtual Field Trips Around the World




Virtual Field Trip to the Denver Zoo

Field trips are not something we can go on right now! We can still learn about different places by taking virtual field trips and by watching live cams.  The Denver Zoo is a popular place to visit!  We can't go in person but we can still go virtually!   Click on the different links to learn more about the animals and different programs our zoo has to offer!  Also check out the Live Cams From Around The World page!  Enjoy!      GROW YOUR MIND!

***Denver Zoo