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2019 Bond Issue


For additional information such as arguments for and against, the benefits each school will receive, the Facilities Needs Study, and the ballot language and resolution, please visit our 2019 Bond Issue Page 

In October 2018, Greeley-Evans School District 6 contracted with an architectural firm, the Cunningham Group, to conduct a Facility Needs Assessment on every school and building in District 6. A 60-member Community Facilities Planning Team began meeting to advise the Facility Needs Assessment and identify priorities for addressing the facility needs in District 6. In May, the Community Facilities Planning Team recommended that the Board of Education consider putting a Bond Issue on the ballot.


The Facility Needs Assessment report revealed that every school in District 6, including charter schools, are in need of repairs, renovations, and sometimes, replacement and rebuilding. The overall needs in the District are nearly $1 billion. Five schools - Greeley West, Madison Elementary, Scott Elementary, Brentwood Middle and Bella Romero Academy K-3 Campus - were all recommended for tear down and replacement. The cost of trying to renovate and repair these schools is approaching the cost of a total replacement, and structural issues are so significant that a complete rebuild is recommended for these schools. 


In addition, the study cited needed repairs and renovations at every school, including enhancements for safety and security, removal of asbestos, and replacement and repairs to larger systems, such as heating and air conditioning and roofs. Improvements to instructional spaces, including career and college readiness programs, were also recommended.


On August 12, the Board of Education voted unanimously to place a $395 million bond issue on the November 5, 2019 ballot. To view, please click HERE.  


Every school in District 6, including charter schools, will receive money for structural upgrades from this Bond Issue. Specific items included in this Bond Issue are: 


  • Replacement of Greeley West High School, increasing the capacity from 1,000 to 1,800
  • Replacement of Madison Elementary School, and either rebuilding as an elementary or a K-8, based on input from the community
  • Construction of a new K-8 school in District 6, with a capacity of 900 students.
  • A 50,000-square-foot addition to McAuliffe STEM Academy K-8 school to address overcrowding. Right now the school is 450 students over capacity.
  • A 35,000-square-foot addition to Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 to address overcrowding 
  • Enhancements to safety and security, including securing entrances at all schools and replacing door hardware and locks
  • Accessibility improvements in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Roof repairs and replacements on some sites
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling system upgrades at some sites.
  • Funds for every school for instructional and career and college preparation upgrades
  • Charter schools will receive money for repairs, renovations, safety and security and instructional upgrades.


The Bond Issue does require the approval of voters and will be paid for through an increase on residential and commercial property taxes. This is the only way a school district can raise funds for capital improvements.