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D6 Athlete of the Week - Tori Perales

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"Tori is a leader, a hard worker, and a great teammate. She never fails to give her best effort whether it is in practice or competition. She ended the year with a 12 and 5 record, and qualified for the first sanctioned girls wrestling tournament in Colorado history, finishing in the top 8 in the state. Her attitude is just amazing, she works to make herself better daily, she has a clear picture of her goals and has a plan for reaching them. Tori is the type of athlete that makes the coach better." - David Fosdick, Northridge High School Head Wrestling Coach
Tori Perales D6 Athlete of the Week April 2021

Student Name: Tori Perales

School: Northridge High School

Grade: Junior

Sport(s): Wrestling, Cross Country and Track

Position(s): Varsity

Stats: Wrestling - 13 wins; 5 losses

What are some of your most memorable athletic accomplishments?

Making it to state in three sports. 


What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Make it to state and beat the triple jump school record. 


What is one lesson you have learned from playing high school sports?

I've learned how to have confidence in myself and connect with a non-blood family.


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school? 

Be an athletic trainer and a coach. 


What is on your Pre-Game Music Playlist?

The Score, Zayde Wolf, Fall Out Boy


What is your go-to Pre-Game food? 

Pasta except for during wrestling.


Last show you binge-watched on Netflix? 

Criminal Minds