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D6 Athlete of the Week - Owen Henderson

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"Owen has become the varsity soccer team captain and has shown growth in the sport. And, he is dominating the position of goalie. Owen is a true leader on and off the field. He represents Northridge in all that he does." - Mario Colin, Boys Soccer Coach


Student Name: Owen HendersonD6 Athlete of the Week Owen Henderson 2022

School: Northridge High School

Grade: Junior

Sport(s): Soccer and Basketball

Position(s): Goalkeeper 

Stats: GAA 0.777 so far this season

Tell us about your greatest athletic achievement to date:

"PK shootout against Eagle Valley. We won, and I saved 2." 


What are your goals for this season? 

"Win state."


How do athletics make you a better student?

"They keep me happy. I have fun doing them."


What mental tool do you use when you're under pressure?

"Focus on the ball."


What is the best part about competing? 

"The fun of it, the family environment with the team."


What are your career or college plans after you graduate high school?

"I would like to play soccer in college."


What advice do you have for younger athletes who want to join your sport?

"Enjoy it while it lasts, man. You'll miss it when it's gone."


What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing?

"XXX by Kendrick Lamar."


What is your go-to Pre-Competition food?