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Student Spotlight: Alexa Herrera Caballero, Bella Romero Academy

for going above and beyond with outstanding grades, work ethic, community service, and school involvement.  Congratulations to these students for the work they are accomplishing in and outside of the classroom.


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"Alexa has demonstrated throughout the year her focus on academic study in the classroom while being a kind and caring individual to all of the students at Bella Romero Academy. Alexa encompasses Bella Romero's core values and practices them on a daily basis." - 8th Grade Team

Student Spotlight: Alexa Herrera CaballeroStudent Spotlight Alexa Herrera Caballero Infographic 2024

Grade Level:

8th Grade


I have had my artwork displayed on art walls, and I'm involved in the  gifted and talented program. 

Clubs or Activities:

This year, I competed in basketball and will do soccer when it starts. 

Career/College Plans:

After I finish my high school education, my plan is to go to a 4-year college and major in either health or law. I would like ot become a dietitian, dermatologist or a lawyer. 

Favorite Subject:

My favorite subject is English language arts because I enjoy writing and I also like reading things I enjoy.

Favorite Teacher:

I like teachers that are not too strict and to the point. I enjoy their classes because they teach me skills I will continue to use. 

What Are Some of Your Hobbies:

Some of my hobbies outside of school are dance and art. I also enjoy participating in basketball and soccer. I like being active because I get bored easily. 

Favorite Food or Restaurant:

I don't have a favorite food because there are so many good foods. My favorite dessert is my mom's flan.  

Favorite Movie:

My favorite movies are usually action films. 

Personal Goals:

My personal goals are to set up a future where I don't have to work all the time and enjoy things outside of responsibilities. 

The Best Things About My School:

The thing I like best about my school are my friends and the people around me. When I need help, I feel comfortable asking. 


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